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The Yoni Oracle-a 2 min practice to access your intuitive sensual wisdom

The Yoni Oracle

A repeat complaint i hear from SO many women is how frustrating it is to be stuck in their heads all the time.

Its true, when we are cut off from the incredible realm of our feminine bodies, we are cut off from a whole world of life , we are cut off from our feminine wisdom and essence , and the deep satisfaction which that brings to our lives

I have found that the best remedy for this situation is learn how to sense and feel our wisdom from our bodies.

Also......a lesser known fact is that your sexual organs are remarkably sensitive and intelligent. And that the more presence we give them the more we can tap into our intuitive sensual body wisdom, and allow this navigation system to guide us in our everyday lives.


The great thing is that any moment is a good moment to practice accessing this wisdom!

Lets start now!!!

Got a decision to make? why don't you throw out your list of pros and cons and consult the best oracle you have - your yoni!

Try the Yoni Oracle now!

Please share with any sister you feel could benefit from this practice!​

Enjoy sisters !!

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This is the service I provide because I am super aware of how much we need space holders to help us birth our graceful movements to 'the next level'

(also I am kind of addicted to witnessing women embracing their power..)

It sends a thrill all the way through me to midwife women into their potential in a way that is honoring to their deepest needs.

I know how to feel into what may be blocking you, and help you to move through that, so contact me if you are interested in a coaching program or one off session.

The Breast Massage Quicky ( and the abundant Benefits of Breast Massage

The abundant Benefits  of Breast Massage

There are SOOOO many benefits to massaging your own boobies!

So many that i would really recommend that you give them some attention EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Here are a few reasons why to include breast massage in your everyday self love routine;

  • Regular breast massage firms up the tissues in your breasts.
  • It keeps the energy flowing through, which keeps your breasts feeling ALIVE- and also really helps to prevent breast cancer .
  • When you feel connected to your breasts, you feel sexy and juicy and feminine.
  • Breast massage stimulates your endocrine glands and balances your hormones.
  • Regular breast massage is an effective preventive to PMS symptoms.
  • Breast massage actually activates a certain kind of awareness in your breasts! I swear my breasts have their own personality and love love love to get loved up!

As you can see from this video it is also SO simple and easy AND enjoyable! It is also GREAT to do this in a group of women.

I remember a 70 year old woman in one of my workshops giggling joyfully when she 'realised' that she CAN massage her own breasts- and even in a group of woman!! 

Go on sister, love your breasts, whatever they look like, They will thank you for it by becoming wise and perky:)

Please share with any sister you feel could benefit from this practice!​

Enjoy sisters !!

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This is the service I provide because I am super aware of how much we need space holders to help us birth our graceful movements to 'the next level'

(also I am kind of addicted to witnessing women embracing their power..)

It sends a thrill all the way through me to midwife women into their potential in a way that is honoring to their deepest needs.

I know how to feel into what may be blocking you, and help you to move through that, so contact me if you are interested in a coaching program or one off session.

Suck and Stir –A simple practice to nourish your womanly bits with fresh vital energy

More about WHY you would nourish your womanly bits with fresh vital energy...

Dear sisters! 

Did you know that your womb and sexual organs are highly sensitive and uber intelligent?

AND did you know that your womanly bits are SO sensitive to energies and vibrations that they can be deeply affected by thoughts and experiences that are not nourishing and affirming.

How many women have had sexual encounters that were less than honouring and nourishing? probably all of us !!! Our highly fine tuned wombs can can hold negative imprints from these past experiences- without us even knowing it, and this can create blockages in blood and energy flow.

If the energy in your sexual organs is not flowing freely then this might happen;

  • You might continue to attract sexual experiences that are less than honouring, conscious and nourishing.
  • Your sexual organs might  become stagnant from lack of fresh life force energy flow and loving attention and this could affect your general energy levels and libido.
  • There can be resulting build ups of stagnant energy that contribute to ulcers and cysts.
  • You might forget that you are a vital , radiant, creative sexual being and cut off from this incredibly important aspect of yourself .


YES you totally  have the power ​to transform the imprints in your womb and you can flush fresh life force energy through your bits with movement , breath, intention and loving awareness- YAY!!!

The weeks 2 min feminine practice i am offering you this week is a technique to do just that. This practice will  bring fresh life force energy into your sexual organs and clear out any energetic debris that may be lurking there..

Its simple and its easy ! Its the suck and stir!!​

Please share with any sister you feel could benefit from this practice!​

Enjoy sisters !!

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Sexual Pathways Activation Workshop- 30th June-Ubud-Bali

Women’s workshop with Sonja Shradha Devi


 We all have sexual energy ‘highways’ in our bodies….

And when energy flows freely through these highways

then this potent creative energy rejuvenates our whole being.

This workshop helps you to tune up your instrument

(your feminine body)

to be more receptive to this vibrant flowing sexual energy.

In this workshop you will learn

*Where these ‘highways’ run in your body

 *How to activate and open them.

*How you can clear blockages within these pathways so that energy can flow freely and harmoniously

 *How you can invite more awareness of energy into your sexual life.

I will also share about

 -How to transition from unconscious sex to sacred sexuality

– How to get out of your head in bed

– How to be orgasmic in your everyday life

Location-Penestanan Ubud- details will be given when you book in

Cost-500,000 IDR



Be Nakedly Unashamed in 2016

Come on girls, it is 2016, time to quit feeling ashamed about your body, you have more important things to do, like creating a beautiful respectful space in your mind and body, so you can flourish as a juicy fulfilled woman and be in service to the world.

Nakedly Unashamed is a FREE group process for women. Designed to support you to finally kick your inner critic to the curb, step OUT of the old programs of shame and into radical self love..

So many women suffer from body shame( and other ways that we feel shame about who we are) and old patterns die hard, it can feel too hard to move past this alone.
It IS too hard to do it alone! so lets do it together !!

Nakedly unashamed is a 28 day process where you are invited to take the plunge with a community of supportive woman and graduate out of old unloving programs and RECLAIM YOUR FEMININE POWER.

This is for you if you have a little voice that sabotages your experience of FEELING WORTHY AND LOVEABLE AND DESIRABLE about WHO YOU ARE, AS YOU ARE

This is your opportunity to greet 2016 in a whole new way, without the extra baggage of guilt fear and shame ,

Gosh you might as well sign up, its even FREE!

What you get:

  • A meditation to do daily...(this is from my Wild Sacred Feminine Meditation Recordings..)
  • Guidance on how to create a non judgemental loving space in your body and mind.
  • A community of sisters to support you
  • Free group meditations and webinars...

Go to the NAKEDLY UNASHAMED FB GROUP ( its private, it is only for supportive sisters committed to the cause like yourself) for updates with the details for the process…

Yay! I am excited ! We are going to the next level girls, watch out world!

​Thank you for joining me in standing for LOVE

Love Shradha xxxx

Sisterhood (and bitchiness)

Everywhere I go I am blessed, loved and supported by incredible women.

I realise that I have created the most valuable resource for myself,

I have tapped into the awe-inspiring wellspring of support and love that is THE SISTERHOOD, and I benefit each and every day from this.

sister love saves
Sometimes sister support comes in the form of a big hug, a supportive smile across the room a place to sleep, a lend of something I really need, a healing, a pep talk or a kick up the arse……

What I am finding is that I have a global tribe of women to support me and to midwife me through the dips and dives of of my life. Just when I need some support then invariably BOOM another gracious sister emerges to ground me, bless me and remind me of the greater truth in the situation.

What did I do to receive this incredible bounty?


I committed to sisterhood, pure and simple.

What I had to do….

I had to learn to ‘show up’ more fully in myself in order to receive this incredible gift. There were things I had to look at in myself; there have been many moments where I have had to make conscious choices. In a way claiming the sisterhood paradigm has been a process of committing to love.

So what did I have to look at?

I had to have a good look at the mechanism of bitchiness in me, I had to learn how and why I could begin to separate myself from the sisterhood and fall into the trap of the bitchiness mind set.

What I noticed…

I am only a bitch when I feel threatened or insecure.

I noticed that certain women would trigger my insecurities and they were usually quite similar to me ( a mirror in the form of a sister!).

In the event of being intimidated by another woman I noticed that i would try and convince myself that the woman in question was inferior to me in some way.

I noticed that if I was emotionally triggered by another woman that there was usually something to be learned from our glitchy connection; that we were ‘sent’ to each other to learn and grow in some way. (Once I ended up sharing a seat on a 40 hour train ride from south to north India with a woman who I had a challenging connection with! By the end of the journey we LOVED each other- true story).

I noticed that women were only bitchy to me when they felt threatened and insecure…

I noticed that the mask of superiority what I could put on would only come as a an effort for me to make myself feel better about myself.

I also noticed that I could choose NOT to be a bitch and embrace her as a sister instead (even if she was acting as a ‘mirror sister’ showing me things I did not want to see.)

I noticed all this and I decided to commit to sisterhood because it feels SO much better.

I choose every single day to recognize every woman that I meet as my sister

I want my sisters to be happy so I offer them my loving presence in any way I can. I want my sisters to recognise their own beauty so I recognise their beauty and let them know what I see. I take every opportunity I have to say ‘Woah sister! – You rock!’. I have learnt from the example of other amazing sisters committed to sisterhood and i offer whatever support I can to a sister, whether I have known her for 10 years or 2 minutes.

I am not faking any of it, I really mean it. My sisters are truly awesome.

And the more I celebrate my sisters the more I celebrate myself, and the more they celebrate me. It is a win-win


At a Sacred Succulence Retreat with Rachel Love

What I did (and continually do) to commit to the sisterhood…

I recognized that my sisters and I all want the same thing, to be loved and appreciated.

I understood that we each have a different part of the pie and we do not have to fight for it.

If a sister is super amazing (even if it triggers my insecurities) I choose to TRUST that her amazingness is a gift to the world and no threat to me.

I choose to see us as a vast tribe working for the same big mama.

When I have fallen into the trap of judging and comparing I have asked forgiveness of the sister involved (usually just in my mind unless the right moment comes to share) for projecting my crap at her. (I use the process of ho’pono’pono constantly with this sort of thing- cant recommend it enough…)

Also…I forgave my sisters for collectively buying into this false notion of separation and competition. The fact is that we were trained into the separation paradigm that creates bitchiness…

Bitchiness is fabulous fuel for the patriarchy

 It keeps us in competition so it keep us alone, so it keeps us disempowered…to claim sisterhood is to change your reality and claim your birth right as a woman to feel loved and supported.

The sisterhood will heal you (and the rest of the world too).


At a Tao Tantric Arts Retreat

In many traditional cultures it was understood that the women (when united!) were holding the fabric of the community together, they were bonding together, birthing together, dreaming together, praying together and working through their crap together. It was understood that to destroy the culture and health of a tribe you went and dismantled the women’s space first. Without the supportive web of the women, without the spiritual, emotional and energetic holding of the collective feminine it was easy to bring down the village.

I truly believe that what we are doing now is bringing healing to the world through reclaiming sisterhood.

The more we let down our defences, show our vulnerability and open up our hearts to each other, the more love is going to be pumping around this planet healing us all and creating the harmony that we all need.

It is every woman’s inherent birth right but it takes a commitment to rise above the conditioning that tells us that a sexy/successful/beautiful woman is our competition and not our support.

Yes- you have to surrender your judgements and question where they are coming from. And yes you might have to learn a completely new way of relating…

Instead of contracting when you see a woman who you are judging/being emotionally triggered by, you will have to be willing to look at her with the eyes of love, and see your sister, who hurts like you, and dreams like you, and yearns like you.

And in return for your efforts you receive the ultimate prize!

You will have a tribe of deeply loving women supporting you, loving you and blessing you, every step of the way.

What could be more valuable than that?

Truly, the only reason I am able to do what I do is due to the back up of my super strong sisterhood. Through our sisters we learn to love ourselves, from this place of wholeness we can be in relationship with the men in our lives in a healthy way.

To create a fulfilling experience of woman hood, the sisterhood comes first !

Do you have difficulty connecting to other women? If so perhaps you could benefit from working through these issues with a loving sister coach ( like me!).

I am available for one on one sessions and coaching programs Contact me now !

sister love saves



Tantra 101 – 4 tips for daily life


We think that the way out of our old patterns will be complicated.

Secretly we want the release, we want to feel free, we want to feel alive, comfortable in our own skins and confident in our place on the earth. We crave this, yet we also fear this, we fear ourselves, we fear being exposed. We are conditioned to be afraid of life and our patterns keep those fears in place.

We fear that perhaps we will never move past these patterns that hold us in fear and separation…we can begin to think that it will take a super powerful highly advanced technique to get us out of our old patterns and into an experience of freedom.

As it turns out, the way beyond our patterns does not involve a complex magic trick, it does not come in the form of a special drug or a high salary or a mastery of a sexual technique or a fancy meditation technique or any technique for that matter…

The cosmic joke is that we just need to REMEMBER HOW IT IS TO BE NATURAL!

Is that all?

That might seem overly simple, but the truth is that in our essence we are wild and sacred and naturally ‘plugged in’ beings governed by an incredible in-built intelligence. Most of us were not educated to listen and respond to this natural wild intelligence but there is a way of coming back to it.

Basically. Tantra in my practice and understanding, is essentially a way of living and relating in which we embrace life and reclaim our natural spiritual wisdom and innocence.

In innocence there is TRUST, there is playfulness, there is the ability to be vulnerable and open and SURRENDER to what feels alive in the moment. There is the willingness to go past ideas of right and wrong and our conditioned patterns to embrace life as it is and experience life in its fullness.

Through Tantra we learn to BE with ourselves rather than run from ourselves. We shine a loving light of acceptance within so that our shadows can exist without being cut off from our deep heart. We learn to be transparent about what is really going on for us and in the process we learn to accept who we are, open more to more of what we are, and move beyond the fear that keeps us wrapped up in our old patterns.


Tantra means ‘ to weave’ and it also means ‘to expand’ . Through loving self acceptance and the willingness to honour all aspects of life as intrinsically sacred we weave all aspects of ourselves into one conscious tapestry of life. When we invite the possibility of expanding beyond ‘the known’ we invite great shifts and leaps in our behaviour and our lives.

The subject of Tantra is huge, yet it is only working for us if it is guiding us back to an experience of simplicity, of freedom, of love.

Gathering in a space dedicated to this living exploration (like a Tantra workshop) is amazing, but we can also explore the basic principals of Tantra in our daily lives by simply being DEVOTED TO THAT WHICH FEELS NATURAL. Through consciously reclaiming and inhabiting that natural wild, open, loving nature that we had as small children.

Here are a few tips for bringing this exploration  into your daily life.

1. Follow the natural flow

When we are stuck in our old patterns we are usually trying to manipulate our reality in order to avoid pain and
rejection. This is kind of like the polar opposite of trust. This is the opposite of sensing into the flow and following that flow.

Following the flow involves sensing into what is moving in you right now, and following the flow

Because most of us were trained to live from our heads and not our bodies then this usually involves a process of reorientation.

And it really is a process, it involves checking in with ourselves again and again and again.

You can stop at any moment of the day and ask yourself.

‘How do I feel right now?’

‘What do I need?’

Or if you come to a situation where you would like to learn to do things in a more responsive and natural way you can ask:

‘What would life want here?’

We can literally invite in more openness into our experience and consciously choose to trust in our natural responses as well as the universal plan.

Take the time to tune into your own energy, welcome whatever it is that you feel, express it, cultivate it, there are so many wonderful ways to do this, explore them, weave them into the tapestry of your life.

2. Connect, intimately, constantly.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOften we tend to think of intimacy as something that we experience only with our lover, and although the kind of intimacy we share in sexual experiences is indeed a potent form of intimacy.

We can experience intimacy anytime and anywhere when we let go of our sense of being a separate person.

My research experiment in recent years has been to see how it is to simply reveal the way that I am feeling and to lay myself bare under the gaze of others, even if they are bringing up my stuff.

Yes I actually ‘practice being seen’ and I really recommend this amazing but super simple practice.

Fortunately you can do it anywhere…

Great places to do it are dance floors, sexual encounters and anytime that you notice that you feel fear. In those moments you can notice what your instinct says to do. Is it to look cool? Is it to numb out? Instead of acting out of habit, take a pause, check in within, keep on breathing and focus on being in your body as you are witnessed by another being.

When you allow yourself to be real, you become a walking permission slip allowing everyone else to be real….

Try it for yourself…. amazing experiences of everyday intimacy could happen!

3. Create spaces for intimacy

Instead of waiting and hoping for profound exchanges of intimacy to happen, you can create those opportunities 11018322_10206263537655495_7998889645517665917_nyourself by asking for what you need.

First of all decide who there is in your life who you trust and then decide on a clear way to ask them to join you in your exploration.

This could be a space where you will simply gaze into your each others eyes  for 10 minutes then share a hug.

It could be a space where you meditate together and then exchange some intuitive healing.

Be clear about your needs and intentions and creative about the kind of container and experience you will create. If you are both clear about the guidelines and boundaries then both of you can relax into the space and great healing can occur.

I REPEAT! It is important to be super clear about the boundaries. You can ask the person if  they are willing to hold a loving non- sexual space for you. This could be with the intention to help release some emotions, to ground you into your body through loving non-goal-orientated touch, or simply to share a space of presence together.

You could just say ‘Are you willing to hold space for me?’

Creating these kinds of spaces for intimacy is incredibly liberating and empowering, you can do this if you are in a relationship or not. Start small and experiment.


It doesn’t have to be hard, it can just be a simple question to self:

‘How would it be to let go of this thought and allow myself to be free in this moment?’

‘How would it be if everything was perfect and this fear/anger/sadness/insecurity that I feel is ok?’

And then breathe and stay grounded, allow your feelings, and be open to the energy shifting – and see what happens.

All these are simple ways to invite in a completely different way of living and relating. A way of living where we are not living from fear, a way of living where we are open to the fullness of life moving through us. It takes vigilance and courage and humility to notice when we are acting from fear, and to choose another way. But once you get a feel for how that feels in your life, you will begin to LOVE it.

I encourage you to take your natural self into the world, explore, share and have fun!

sacred succulence sisters

Would you like to explore these principles in a safe and supportive space with other women?

Join us for the Sacred Succulence- Feminine Yoga and Tantra Retreat in 2016 in Bali

Sonja Shradha Devi-bio pic

Do you need me to hold space for you?

Thats what I do! I offer personal sessions and coaching programs (to both women and men)  to help you identify and move through your old patterns in a loving supportive way.

And other workshops and retreats for women.

Get in touch! I would love to hear from you !












Affirmations Goddess Deck Tarot Club Interview


Affirmations Goddess Deck Tarot Club Interview With Tarot Club President, Tina Swanson.

The following is my interview with Pamela Wells; author and artist of Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess deck. She wrote and designed a spiritual guide book along with her beautifully illustrated 22 wisdom cards for contemplation & prayer. The following post will be our interview and then members will have a great opportunity to ask Pamela questions thereafter. Pamela has agreed to answer what she can and is really excited to interact with members directly.

Tina: Could you please tell us a little bit about your background?

Pamela: I have been working as a commercial illustrator, graphics and web designer for many years. In the emerging field of digital artwork, I have developed my own unique style of painting. My artwork has been published in digital how-to publications and I have written how-to digital articles for both local and national publications. After publication of the Goddess deck, I began working as a fine artist.

Tina: Why did you decide to create a deck on your own?

Pamela: Initially, I was approached by a publisher to illustrate a deck for women. After doing some initial research by calling about two dozen tarot artists willing to share their experiences, I decided not to. What I heard didn’t make business sense for me in royalties (income earned) for the amount of time it would take for me to illustrate a complete deck set in my detailed, illustrative style. Despite this, I continued painting and a few years later I signed a contract with a different publisher. About 2 years into the process they canceled the contract after restructuring the company. So, there I was with finished cards and book and no publisher! I was very disappointed but not discouraged.

Fortunately at the same time I was doing product design work for a client who contracts with overseas manufacturers and I realized I had most of the skills and the financial resources I needed to publish and market the deck myself – graphic design, illustration, writing, prepress and marketing. I created a business plan and the business plan made sense if I contracted the printing with an overseas printer.

What inspired you to create the Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess deck?

Pamela: It started with a very challenging portfolio review I did through the Society of Illustrators. I was doing a lot of work as a commercial illustrator at the time and so after years of doing technical illustrations I felt it was time to try something more creative. During the portfolio review I was told I needed to focus on one style I really loved and felt passionate about. It was great advice but I couldn’t help but wonder if it would pay the bills especially since the first two paintings were an angel and Sophia, the goddess of wisdom!

Tina: The Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess deck consists of the 22 Major Arcana cards and a guidebook. Why did you decide to use the majors only? Would you consider adding the minors in the future?

Pamela: I realized after talking to other artists and looking at the royalties earned that it would not make sense for me to spend so many years painting in my very detailed style. Limitations of time and money helped me to think about how I could create a deck that would be meaningful, useful, and unique and of high quality for both Tarot enthusiasts and those unfamiliar with the Tarot and just wanted a guiding tool.

Tina: What makes this deck a collector’s edition? Will it be followed up with something else?

Pamela: Yes, after this initial printing, I will be enhancing the book copy, card frames and box design. This Collector’s edition is the only edition that will have gold metallic ink. The next edition will be called the 2nd edition. Because I am the creator of a self-published deck, I can take more risks in how the work is presented and be very selective in the quality and limit distribution of the artwork.

Tina: The back of the cards have a leopard coming out of a luscious green jungle. Most decks have very plain backs, what made you decide to spice yours up a bit?

Pamela: As you and many practicing Tarot Club members know, for those who do reversals, plain backs are needed so the querent can’t see whether the card is upside down. Additionally, the Major Arcana cards are very special because they contain deep and complex archetypal meaning. This is why I paid very close attention to creating imagery (including painting a story on the backs of the cards) that would inspire seekers to take a closer look at the rich, mystical meaning within each card. So, focusing a deck on the Major Arcana gives seekers of all skill levels an easy-to-use tool for inner guidance and can help focus the mind during contemplation and prayer.

Inner guidance can be received in so many ways! For those who have spent time studying the Tarot, guidance can come from a traditional or more comprehensive Major Arcana spread using just the majors.

For those unfamiliar with the Tarot, inner guidance can come by simply focusing the mind on the card imagery and/or affirmations. Any way a seeker intuits they would like to receive inner guidance is perfect with this set of cards.

I believe that paying attention to and understanding the archetypal imagery of the Major Arcana gives us all the opportunity to learn about archetypes and helps us evolve into a more direct dialogue with God.

Tina: Your guidebook concentrates more on obtaining true wisdom from the cards through contemplation and prayer and finding answers from within rather than through the more traditional methods of seeking information through outside sources. What moved you to go this direction?

Pamela: I believe we have arrived at a very crucial time in human history and we will either choose our own divine evolution or more needless suffering. If we are to choose the path of inspiration and wisdom, we must evolve into our deeper potential of our emotional, intuitive right brain to become whole-brained thinkers.

This deck is designed to encourage anyone to become more trusting of their own inner guidance (right brain thinking) by using the tarot as a tool to increase and more easily access emotional, instinctual and intuitive skills. Divination tools like the Tarot are meant to help us communicate with God before taking the most powerful step of communicating directly with God.

I wrote the guidebook from a universal and evolutionary perspective of the human experience growing in awareness towards greater self-knowledge and spiritual development. The definitions given by most decks are integrated into the guidebook.

The guidebook is written with the purpose of providing clarity and bringing back into focus the wisdom teachings of the Major Arcana right down to their alchemical, mystical roots. There is a question and answer section at the end of each chapter for everyday mystics ready and brave enough to work through them!

Tina: How long of a process was it from the beginning to the completion of the deck?

Pamela: This entire project included illustration of the cards, writing the guidebook, designing the book, cards and box and managing overseas printing. All of this was integrated into my working week when I was able to find the extra time. From the day I was contacted by the first publisher to the date of delivery, I believe the conception, production and completion of the project has taken about eight years! One painting can take me several weeks to complete.

Tina: What was the easiest card to create? What was the most difficult?

Pamela: The High Priest card was the easiest to create because it was a close-up portrait and I didn’t need to work out all the compositional detail that was needed in the other cards.

The Tower card was the most difficult because I am more comfortable painting figurative compositions of people and animals rather then compositions of structures like exploding towers!

Tina: Did you encounter any major issues or problems when making or creating the deck?

Pamela: Nothing too major was encountered. Although there was one stressful period of time during the printing process when the printer in Thailand accidentally printed the gold metallic plates in the wrong sequence. We ended up reprinting the box wraps for all of the boxes. The delay was two-months due to the extra time it takes to work long distance and to reproof the final comps.

Tina: Anything you regret or you wish you could redo?

Pamela: I would hire another editor to proof the last-minute proof! I introduced a few typos in the last draft.

Tina: Do you use your own cards for direction or advise for yourself or others?

Pamela: Yes, I do use my cards for my own readings and for focusing my mind during meditation. I especially like reading the Wisdom Prayer Guide card because for me it is comforting.

Tina: Do you read tarot cards and if so for how long and how did you get interested in the Tarot?

Pamela: I don’t read tarot cards although I certainly could. Rather, I prefer to do “Sacred Contract” readings. (More information about a Sacred Contract reading is on my blog). One of the humbling realizations I had when studying the mystical aspects of the tarot was how much profound, universal wisdom each card contains which is a demonstration of the timeless value and power of archetypal imagery. Even before I illustrated the tarot, I had been interested in the study of transpersonal psychology, integral transformative spiritual practice and the evolution of human consciousness so for me, using divination tools was all about learning the divine feminine way of knowing (right brain thinking).

Tina: What are some of your favorite decks?

Pamela: I like the Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot and the Zerner Farber Tarot deck. I also have a French deck called the Tarot Francais Des Fleur. My mother bought it for me in France and because I am so visually oriented, I really enjoy looking at the illustrations.

Tina: What plans do you have in the future? Do you have any more tarot decks, books or artistic endeavors that we might be interested in?

Pamela: I am working on building a new collection of fine artworks in oil paint. Of course, any art work I paint in the future has everything to do with empowering the goddess in us all.

Tina: To help others learn more about the depth of your deck, in a nutshell how would you describe your deck?

Pamela: The goddess represents the highest example of divine wisdom and inner guidance. The process to self-knowledge is a feminine task (turning inward) for both men and women. She take us down into our souls.

The 22 MA of the tarot represent the archetypal steps we take to “step behind the veil” (High Priestess) in order to deepen our self-knowledge, wisdom and connection with all beings and the Divine. Using the 22 MA as a powerful tool, we learn the mysteries of the universe and can find the answer to questions of our higher purpose and deep meaning. We begin the journey by asking the question (the Fool) “Who am I?

Our planet is at a tipping point and the solutions we seek for complex global problems are WITHIN US. Time is of the essence and we must all become “Everyday Mystics” by learning to use inner guidance tools that help us talk to God and until we are ready to talk to God directly. Of course there are many ways to talk to the divine and learn about the Self. This deck set is one more helpful tool for Seekers.

Tina: Is there anything else you would like Tarot Club members to know or be aware of? Any thoughts or things you would like to bring to our attention?

Pamela: For those who are interested in more information, the deck set can be ordered directly (Retail: $14.95) through my blog store. They can also be purchased online at Amazon or Ebay or at your local bookstore or gift shop. For those in retail sales and who like the convenience of consolidated purchases, New Leaf Distribution and DeVorss and Company distribute the Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess deck.

There is an iPhone app for anywhere convenience or for those on a more limited budget. The deck set iPhone app can be purchased through or through the Apple app store in the lifestyle section for $3.99. The iPhone app includes all the cards and guidebook except the explanatory introduction chapters.

Finally, I write articles for my blog called The Divine Feminine Way. I welcome Tarot Club members who may be interested to sign-up.

Tina, it’s been a real pleasure answering your questions. Thank you so much for asking!

Tina: Pamela, I just want to thank you personally and on behalf of the Tarot Club for taking the time to do this interview. The Affirmations of the Everyday Goddess is a truly inspirational & beautifully illustrated deck. Any collector would be proud to add this deck to their collection.

We are so happy that you have decided to become a member of our humble Tarot community; there will always be a place for you here!

I would also like to thank you for your generosity, in sending me a copy of your gorgeous deck, I will add it to my personal collection and cherish it always.

The Return of the Feminine – the Archetypal Goddess

The feminine principle is reemerging in the collective consciousness of humanity.

By honoring and learning about feminine ways of perceiving, you enhance your own well-being and the well-being of those around you.

By honoring and learning about feminine ways of perceiving, you enhance your own well-being and the well-being of those around you.

Here are some of the most important developmental tasks of the feminine:

Learning to see behind your eyes is an inward task, requiring you first to learn about who you are. To develop this skill, it is essential to regularly reflect on your own behaviors and your ways of relating to others and to your environment. Over time your ability to perceive even more will grow and evolve. The greater the depth of your inquiry into yourself, the higher the revelations of truth and reality you will experience.

Integration is the task of combining parts together to form a whole. By looking at all the important truths of the great contemplative traditions and human transformational teachings and putting them together, you will discover what works best for you. By development of “looking at the big picture” and simultaneously fully participating in your own life challenges, you learn and become wiser.

Valuing all matter–living beings, nonliving natural objects and every part of all things is important to the health of the whole. The feminine principle in nature recognizes the mutual interdependence and interconnectedness of all things for survival, well-being and evolutionary vibrancy, and it will fearlessly protect and fight for all life. By placing a great deal of significance on having good relationships based on mutual cooperation and intuitive, instinctive knowledge, the parts come together to make systems more complex. Over time, matter and awareness expand and evolve. You are part of nature, and you can apply these principles in your own life.

The feminine is all about being in touch with your own body, imagery and truth. As a child, you were aware of your own body but the mental aspects of your development were probably emphasized more. As a result, over time your body becomes an abstract concept.

It is one thing for you to know something in your head; it is totally a different thing to know something in your body. The process of growing up is not only a developmental task but also about bringing your mind (masculine) and your body (feminine) together. When you learn to mother yourself with presence and love, all matter, including your body, becomes precious.

Intentionality, synchronicity, paradox, self-nourishment, surrender and holding boundaries are all feminine tasks that help you identify and open the doors to positive experiences while simplifying your life in order to focus on what you want to do. Becoming a healthy, free person is about turning off your negative voices, saying “No” to the negative people that control you, and saying “Yes” to your own authentic truth.

The feminine act of exploring your inner world will bring you great wisdom, peace and happiness. Peace with others and internal peace come about through your courageous acts of self-reflection rather than through blaming others. Self-knowledge, wisdom, happiness, freedom and solutions to your life challenges are the results of doing the feminine task of inner work.

I have been working as an artist, author and consultant specializing in creative work that leads to greater consciousness.

In the commercial art field, I authored and illustrated a Collectors Edition guidebook and card set for understanding mystical wisdom titled “Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess Spiritual Guidebook & 22 Wisdom Cards for Contemplation and Prayer”. It is available for retail or wholesale from, New Leaf Distribution, Barnes & Noble, Amazon or DeVorss & Company. It is also available at iTunes as an iPhone app (or through

My blog has many articles about feminine spiritual empowerment. For those who want to know more about their own life purpose and soul’s work, I offer Sacred Contact readings. For more information about a Sacred Contract reading, visit or email me at Please join me on my Facebook Fan Page “Goddess Art Creations”

EDUCATION: Watts Atelier of the Arts, Boston University and George Washington University, Bachelor of Business Degree. EXPERIENCE: Technical illustrator for advertising, health care and computer companies. Graphics and web designer for holistic businesses. Author, artist and publisher of “Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess”. Sacred Contract consultant and fine artist.

Rebirthing the Sacred Power of the Divine Feminine

Gaia the Earth Goddess

Gaia is universal and primordial. We learn about the mystery of our own humanity when we listen to her.

We have forgotten and been denied the sacred power of the divine feminine. Without her, we impoverish our lives of the sacred meaning and divine purpose of being alive, we lose our ability to heal, nourish and transform ourselves and our world, and we deny ourselves the wisdom and the sacred power that belongs to the creative cycles of life which contain the sacred mystery of divine love.

The feminine IS the core of creation that is LOVE. She and the Great Mother are one and the same. Every woman instinctively knows that she is at the center of this great mystery of bringing life into the world – the sacred transformation of light into matter. Every woman intuitively knows that nothing can be born without the feminine Creatrix.

Humanity plays a central role in creation, what we deny our selves, we deny all life on earth. Culture’s patriarchal focus of a disembodied transcendent God has divided spirit and matter (mother) and left us without the beneficial wholeness of the two united in oneness. When we look at the world today, we see a world exploited, polluted and raped by greed and power. Without the return of the sacred feminine principles of life, the world will not heal.

Most of the historical sacred feminine wisdom is lost because the days of the priestesses and temple ceremonies were orally transferred and not written down. Even so, we can still begin the work of bringing the wisdom of the divine feminine back by reconnecting with her at her creative core. We begin by asking our Great Mother Goddess for forgiveness and help, listening and being receptive to her wisdom and finally committing ourselves to becoming fully awake by responding to the present need in the world in a new way that combines the wisdom of feminine oneness with the light of masculine consciousness.

Reawakening to the divine feminine means:

• Learning to see “behind our eyes” by fearlessly exploring our interiors.
• Staying in present time for our own needs as well as the moment’s.
• Integrating and combining the parts together to form a whole.
• Seeing connections and how they relate to one another.
• Returning to being in touch with own bodies, imagery and truth.
• Going deeply into the cycles and mystery of creation in order to become empowered and reborn in a new way.

It is time for women to realize that we all pay the price for unconsciously colluding with the masculine culture and betraying our own authentic nature by not acknowledging our own selfish desires and acts of martyrdom out of fear and jealousy. We must stop projecting our pain and anger onto men and in so doing become agents of anger rather than going deeper into the mystery of the pain and suffering that is part of the great feminine initiation into the cycles of creation. In going deeper, we honor the pain and suffering that Great Mother Goddess embodies and find the wisdom and ability to forgive what is hidden in the darkness to be reborn in a new way, uncontaminated by the egoiccentric masculine power complex. We can then move forward focused on the present moment where anything is possible and no separation exists if we listen to and respond courageously to our intuitive wisdom.

By traveling into our own mysterious depths, we return to our innate wisdom and learn to take responsibility for the source of our own suffering. We can ask Great Mother Goddess for help us in seeing the one light within that is shared by all of humanity – a reflection of divine life in everything within and around us. Merged in the memory of feminine consciousness, we realize we are no longer separate from the masculine and we are then able to combine our own interior masculine principles with a new understanding of the wholeness of life that will help us heal our selves and the world.

It is time for the feminine to return home and reclaim the sacred life in which we all are a part. She needs to be known again for she is part of the real miracle of being alive that belongs to blood and breath and not as an icon or a distant myth. All we have to do is open ourselves enough to see the invisible world within that unites both inner and outer worlds. She will help us reclaim our sacred power and wisdom, reconnect us to the whole of life and return us to our authentic selves. If we are true to her, she will birth us back into a world where wonder, joy and the magic of creation remains.

ABOUT AUTHOR AND ARTIST PAMELA WELLS Pamela Wells has been working as a fine artist, commercial illustrator and graphic web designer for over 20 years and specializes in creative work that leads to greater understanding and awareness. Her goddess art incorporates her interest in the study of transpersonal psychology, integral transformative spiritual practice and the evolution of human consciousness. She cares deeply about both men and women and also about the ecological preservation of the planet which benefits all living things. To order a copy of Pamela’s most recent book and card set, Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess,

All articles may be republished or printed providing author credit (above) and a a link is provided back to Please contact Pamela for permission to use her original artwork.

How to Practice Tapping Your Primal Energies to Unleash Your Creative Potential

Cosmic Space - the womb of the Divine Feminine

Your Primal Essence – the Divine Feminine

by Pamela Wells

Do you feel uninspired or even burned out in your life?

While you may want to be more creative, you may be blocked from expressing your creative impulses.

In our fast moving, technologically driven society, it is easy to be removed from our creative source. While technology was supposed to free us from mundane tasks and enable us to have more time and energy, but it seems to be sucking us into a vortex of never-ending distractions and division of our attention away from our source of creative energies and vitality.

We are free at any time to pause and recognize when we are uninspired and blocked from the flow of life force energy always available to us. This primal force is nature’s raw untapped energy. It contains every possibility of the One that is within all of us.

By regularly practicing tapping your own primal nature, you have the opportunity to recreate yourself again and again. This practice begins by releasing those resistances inside you that prevent you from accessing these energies. During the course of our daily lives and with the pressures and demands of personal and business responsibilities, we get caught up in all of these doings and forget about these essential energies in our being. Thus, when you begin to consciously let go of your need to control all the elements of your life, you will begin to step into the natural flow of life.

Every aspect of who you are contains these primal energies. However, there are certain areas in your being where such energies are blocked from flowing. A great way of releasing stuck energy is to sit down in a comfortable seat and allow yourself to settle your pelvis. It is very common to experience a pooling of blocked energy in the core of the pelvis, which results from distractions, demands, and the fast pace of a modern technological society. Indeed, when you are angry, fearful, anxious, or experiencing any other contractive emotions, you tend to have a commensurate lift in your whole pelvic floor. These rising energies in the pelvis leave you feeling unstable, insecure, and unsteady. Therefore, to bring balance, you can choose to align with these primal energies in your self and particularly in the pelvis, which are associated with feelings of security, safety, and stability. When you allow your pelvis to literally settle into the seat of where you sit, you contact something bigger than yourself. By re-anchoring yourself, you return to the source of your primal energies and you sit in your own nature.

When you have literally allowed yourself to settle into your deepest self, you access all of your potential. These primal energies are just that – raw energy that is vital and untapped. They have immense power.

Set a high intention for yourself that will invoke your potency. The higher the vision, the more that you access these vital energies. Often, when you limit what you desire to small, narrow and short- term goals, you restrict what you can harness inside. However, as you begin to realize that you can be a great offering to another person, cause, or something other than just yourself, these more potent primal energies become revealed.

As you invoke these primal energies through intention, then, it is the very process of shaping them, cultivating them, and then offering them to the world that becomes the creative act that we all inherently seek. By mining the depths of who we are, we have the opportunity to fashion the “core” that we find into jewelry – into something valuable. It is this continual practice of taking what is natural inside and then refining it such that it can be expressed and offered outside as something of value. This becomes the process of aligning who we are inside (nature) and how we act and offer outside (culture). This ultimately leads us to remember the source of ourselves and everything around us.

Instead of seeing ourselves and others as separate, as we connect with our primal nature and create from that deep place, we begin to see more clearly how One energy is expressing itself in infinite forms.

May you remember to pause, breathe, settle, and go to the depths of who you are.

Pamela Wells has been working as a fine artist, commercial illustrator and graphic web designer for over 20 years and specializes in creative work that leads to greater understanding and awareness. Her goddess art incorporates her interest in the study of transpersonal psychology, integral transformative spiritual practice and the evolution of human consciousness. She cares deeply about both men and women and also about the ecological preservation of the planet which benefits all living things. Pamela is available for custom soul portraits and design work. To order a copy of Pamela’s most recent book and card set, Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess,

How to Become a Whole Human Being – Reconnecting to Your Primal Nature

Our Divine Feminine and primal essence

Finding a Pathway Back to Your Divine Feminine Essence

by Pamela Wells

We have been denied a positive relationship with our own feminine core that has guided us intuitively since the beginning of human evolution. Our primal nature is written in the code of our DNA and hard wired in our brains. We can’t help but want to be connected to the pulsating magnetic force field of the earth at the root of our being.

Our primal nature is the feminine aspect of every human being. It is life force energy and our original nature. From an archetypal perspective she is referred to as Great Mother, Gaia, the Divine, Goddess, Love (Eros) or Passion.

When our primal nature is split off into our psyches it eventually becomes a destructive force within us and in the world. The earth’s future and our shared destiny is now a human predicament so what we do individually has enormous consequences. We must strive to become reconnected to the whole so we can begin living in harmony with each other and the earth’s ecosystems.

“Any hope of peace requires us to endeavor to maintain an open heart while having the courage to dance in the mystery of who we are.”

Why We Deny the Feminine
We all suffer in cultures that shame and disconnect us from our primal nature. Neither patriarchy nor feminism is large enough to define a whole human being.

Patriarchy willingly sacrifices the feminine at the alter of our egos. We want everything but don’t want to pay a price for what we desire. This irresponsible sense of entitlement results from an unholy marriage in our psyches between the dominating father (patriarch or negative masculine) and devouring mother (mother complex or negative feminine). Carl Jung would describe these aspects as our shadow.

Patriarchal cultures are created and then prolonged from fear of death and the unknown. They abhor primal, life force energy and try to explain, control and sanitize everything. As a result, the feminine is split off in the human psyche and her negative aspects are concretized into a mother complex who is devouring, emotionally troubled, petty and vindictive. Because patriarchy limits our ability to relate to the nourishing aspects of our primal nature, the feminine is then perceived as frightening, irrational and chaotic rather then creative, abundant and life sustaining.

The counter-cultural feminist movement has given women more economic opportunities to integrate their masculine aspects and increased societal awareness and appreciation of women’s unique reproductive and sexual roles. What it has not addressed is the the patriarch within women and the mother complex within women and men. So despite amazing accomplishments to empower and obtain more rights for women, feminism has not disrupted patriarchy. If we continue to blame patriarchy and men for the world’s problems and portray women as victims we further polarize women and men. What we need are much more expansive definitions of who we are.

“Splitting off the feminine “Soul of God” makes us forget how connected we really are to each other and the Divine.”

The Creative Power of the Feminine (anima) in Union with the Positive Masculine (animus)
If women and men are ever to form bonds that are peaceful and equal we must integrate the feminine and positive masculine within ourselves. Carl Jung called these aspects in our psyches anima and animus. It is a man’s acknowledgment of his anima that give him the ability to be consciously engaged, passionate and connected to a noble cause and a woman’s animus that assist her in fulfilling her life’s purpose. When both of these positive archetypes are integrated in our psyches (masculine/feminine – left brain/right brain – mind/heart) we have infinite potential to expand our intelligence, creative power and the limits of who we are.

The animus is the beloved masculine within us all who loves and protects women, children and the earth. He seeks freedom and gives women and men the ability to make distinctions and take action in a positive and purposeful way, such as advancing talents and skills and developing self-esteem.

The anima represents matter, energy and invisible quantum forces. She is mysterious, intuitive, non-linear and chaotic. She is the Great Mother of life and death and the relational matrix where familial and ancestral patterns were established deep in our past. Engaging the feminine aspects means becoming vulnerable to sorrow and grief as another part of being fully human while connecting and paying attention to nature, our bodies and our hearts – the symbolic center of our original, intuitive intelligence.

How We Can Become Whole – Reconnecting to Who We Really Are
We will not realize our fullest potential without encountering the feminine and masculine shadow within ourselves.

Women must choose to move beyond limited sexual and reproductive roles: the maiden, mother and crone and reevaluate the negative masculine roles they adopted in patriarchy. Women who are victims (passive and entrapped) won’t have enough ego strength or self-esteem to contain the consuming, petty and predatory greed of their feminine shadow. A woman who has moved beyond victimhood, taken full responsibility for her own evolution and developed her positive masculine aspects has the ability to face her mother complex and birth her creative ideas into the world.

Men must look deeply into their own feelings and reject the armor of machismo and other defenses. A man must struggle with his own destructive mother complex and stop projecting mother on women before he will be able to access his emotional and relational depths. Once a man is able to compassionately connect and dialogue with his own heart, he will be able to honor and acknowledge the awesome power and intuitive intelligence of the Great Mother.

Why Our Primal Nature (the Feminine) is So Frightening
The price we pay for our unconscious entitlement and failure to integrate the feminine and positive masculine within ourselves is ecological destruction, sexual objectification, war, violence, victim hood, bad relationships and irrational fears of others who are not like us. With no initiatory experience to remember our feminine essence in our bodies or in nature we fear using our intuitive intelligence, experiencing the natural cycles of life and death, and realizing we are part of the evolving, unfolding mystery.

The Feminine is Life and Death
We don’t want to acknowledge the natural cycles of life and death. Despite our collective efforts to deny death by intellectualizing God and our own immortality we fear death and our own sexuality. We instinctively know the destructive and life giving power of our own nature.

The Feminine is Awesome and Mysterious
We don’t trust what we can’t see or explain. We want to believe that we can somehow measure and control everything so we won’t feel vulnerable and helpless. Every time we look at the cosmos we are reminded of the awesome mystery of our own existence and how insignificant we are.

The Feminine is Chaotic and Irrational
We don’t have faith in nonlinear, intuitive and emotional intelligence. We fear what we can’t logically understand or explain with our minds.

The Feminine Must be Honored and Acknowledged
By being part of cultures that deny our own mortality and give us a sense of entitlement to Her abundance, we pay the price in psychic pain and suffering from the loss of resources, species extinction and human life.

“Remembering the Soul of God (our primal nature) requires participation in death for only in death can someone truly be Awake.”

How We Can Reconnect to Our Primal Nature
If we were wiser, we would gladly pay the price for the gift of our life through deep gratitude and reverence. We would acknowledge our connection and rightful place within the matrix of life and consciously engage with Her through a vulnerable heart, love and tears. The most powerful first step we can take to honor Her, is face our fear of death.

Feel the Fullness of Life by Embracing Death
· Hold an evolutionary perspective
· Relinquish sexual power over others for the relational power of companions and friends
· Realize unity and equality with both women and men by dialoguing about how we are biologically different and how we are alike then celebrating our uniqueness
· Consciously mourn and grieve through the shared pain, suffering and loss
· Remember the Truth “All is One” – we are never separate from Source
· Surrender the ego and learn to be guided by a higher power through your intuition or inner voice

Surrender to the Mystery of Not Knowing
· Act with integrity by bringing together heart (soul) and mind (spirit)
· Become humble, lead with humility and always remain curious
· Dwell in the world of imagination and dialogue with mystery through art, dreams, stories, songs, dance and writing

Develop the Strength to Live in Paradox and Chaos
· Trust in life by developing faith and a spiritual practice
· Step into the chaos and ride it into the storm – surrender to what is
· Learn to be emotionally rational by joining together intellectual and intuitive intelligence

Honor and Acknowledge the Feminine and Take Full Responsibility for Your Life
· Take responsibility for your own evolution
· Reject being a victim
· Become autonomous
· Cultivate courage
· Create initiation rites so you can mature
· Fully embrace what is by being vulnerable – Feel the Truth “All is Love”
· Thank Her for all that She has given. Know that we are surrounded by Grace at all times and our life is to be loved.

When we develop a relationship with our primal nature we become empowered and actively engaged in life. She reconnects us to our soul, emotional life, our body, other people and living beings. She protects, cherishes and nurtures us.

We do have a choice to be here on earth as a channel of love and grace. In order to do so, we must surrender to her awesome beauty and power and then with love and hope take responsibility for our destiny as well as the shared destiny of all beings and our precious planet.

Pamela Wells has been working as a fine artist, commercial illustrator and graphic web designer for over 20 years and specializes in creative work that leads to greater understanding and awareness. Her goddess art incorporates her interest in the study of transpersonal psychology, integral transformative spiritual practice and the evolution of human consciousness. She cares deeply about both men and women and also about the ecological preservation of the planet which benefits all living things. Pamela is available for custom soul portraits and design work. To order a copy of Pamela’s most recent book and card set, Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess,

Artwork by Pamela Wells

The Relational Power of the Goddess Archetype – Power in the Service of Love

Sophia Goddess of Wisdom

If you have ever felt the power of love, then you have experienced the profound power of the Goddess archetype. Love is her highest human expression. How you manage this magnetic archetypal force and internal power will depend on the quality of your relationship to your self.

The Goddess archetype represents your relational essence: your ability to connect to other people, your body and emotions, the earth, and both sentient and non-sentient beings. Intuitively, She knows the mutual interdependence and interconnectedness of all things. If you have ever felt the power of love, then you have experienced the profound power of the Goddess archetype. Love is her highest human expression. How you manage this magnetic archetypal force and internal power will depend on the quality of your relationship to your self.

Because self-knowledge must be earned, it is helpful to understand the differences between external and internal power. It is also useful to understand the power of archetypes because they (including the Goddess archetype) are aspects of power you were born with. How wisely you use your power in the world will determine the quality of your life.

External Power – Survival and Positive Actions

You learn about how to use your external power in the world before you learn about relational, internal power. So in the first half of life you develop an ego strong enough to take on the world and also a sense of personal identity adequate to help you survive in the world. Once your survival needs are met, your external power could be directed toward positive actions that support yourself, those you love and all other beings. Using your power in these ways would empower you. But in these narcissistic times we think we can buy inner mastery and happiness. We mistakenly use our power for the satisfaction of endless desires resulting in outer wealth but inner poverty and unhappiness.

Internal Power – Relational Power in Service to Love

Internal power is the Divine feminine or relational aspect of your power. It is the distinct feeling of giving love, being known, being loved and being of service to whom and what you love. Internal power begins by learning about your self and growing your self-esteem based on the realization of your unique gifts, contributions and conscious actions in the world. Self-knowledge begins the process of guiding you to make wise choices that give you a meaningful inner life. Knowing yourself and loving yourself aligns you with your highest purpose and connects you with the eternal in every created thing. By shifting your power from outside to inside, from your ego to your soul you can begin asking “what and who are you now called to serve?” Being of service is not only self-empowering but also the most meaningful thing you can do for the planet.

How the Goddess Archetype Can Empower You

The cultural spell we are currently under is patriarchy, which is a culture of servitude through fear and “authority over”. Patriarchy animates the Indentured Servant and Victim archetypes in both women and men. The Indentured Servant is bound by conditions of service not of their choosing. This archetype can symbolically block you from becoming empowered because it prevents you from realizing you always have a choice. It also binds you to the Victim archetype through passivity, confusion and blame.

People sometimes make the mistake of thinking they are being of service when they are actually in a patriarchal based fear-state of believing they are under the control of another person. It takes a great deal of effort to break free of these cultural constructs because to do so you must have enough courage and stamina to take full responsibility for your own destiny and follow your own truth.

This is why the archetypal power of the Goddess is so important to understand and integrate. Through Her relational essence, She can free you from “authority over” and guide you toward more “personal authority” and a more holistic definition of yourself and the world. When women and men can define themselves in terms of honoring the unique way in which they experience and view the world, then they learn how powerful they really are.

So, to liberate ourselves from a culture of patriarchal servitude, we must not continue to be captivated by how a culture limits and defines feminine (internal) power as weak, unimportant or unreal. When we honor and integrate the power of the Goddess we break that patriarchal spell and gain access to the relational power of our own intuitive inner guidance system.

Becoming empowered liberates the Indentured Servant archetype and makes you aware of how you can be of the highest service to your self and to others.

Using Archetypes as a Guide to Greater Self-knowledge

An archetype is an aspect of power you were born with. Archetypes are the big picture road map of your life that can guide you to greater self-knowledge and help you discover your natural gifts and talents. Knowing your archetypes gives you the ability to ascend to a higher altitude, to see how your unique life-contract aligns you with your highest aspirations.

We all share the same archetypes (like the Goddess archetype) to a greater or lesser degree. However, the main archetypes in which you most resonate will point you towards your own personal mythology. Your particular combination of archetypes will guide, animate and trigger you to action and certain choices that energize your life. Learning about your own particular archetypes can help you wisely use your personal power and authority in the world. If you want to learn more about your own archetypes read Sacred Contracts, by author Caroline Myss. This is an excellent guide book for creating and understanding your own sacred life contract.

The Goddess Archetype

People who feel a strong connection to other people, living beings, the planet or the cosmos will resonate the most with the Goddess archetype in any one or more of her many primary forms, such as Mother, Lover, Queen or the hundreds of her other named forms such as Loxmi, Aphrodite, White Bison Woman, Pellia, and Shatki to mention just a few. Even if the Goddess archetype isn’t a primary archetype in your particular life contract, she represents the Divine Feminine principle within all men and women. So, in order to break the spell of cultural servitude, you must begin to develop an interior dialogue – a task of the feminine aspects of the self – and learn to act in accordance with those insights. If you deny or fail to integrate the feminine aspects of your power then the outside world will have the power to control the quality of your life.

This is why developing your own interior is so important because self-reflection connects you with what is of meaning and value to both yourself and the human community. The Goddess brings you back in touch with your own body, your own imagery and truth and awakens you to the mystical realm of spiritual truth and to the life your soul has been longing to live.

How to Come Into Your Own Internal Power Through the Goddess

Looking inward is a feminine principle of “learning to see behind your eyes” and an important developmental task for both men and women. The Divine Feminine way to power starts with getting to know yourself through rigorous and honest self-inquiry. If you don’t know who you are how can you make decisions that empower you?

Since no one is born with knowledge of their own power or self-esteem, we must all learn through life experience and a continual process of thoughtful self-inquiry. For most people self-reflection begins only after you develop a strong enough ego to survive in the world and come to realize that your external power is limited and the physical world cannot be controlled. You then must choose whether or not you strengthen your own interior so the outside world can’t destroy you.

The way most people end up in an endless cycle of disempowerment and self-betrayal is that they make their decisions based on their head rather then listening to their heart. This is because in patriarchal cultures we are taught the power of logic, reason, and cause and effect in the visible world. We are not taught about the importance, power, and possibilities of relational intelligence and intuition – the invisible quantum world or the world behind our eyes. So you won’t have access to relational power until you have enough self esteem to listen to your own intuitive inner guidance system.

The way you get to know yourself and build self esteem is by developing stamina and integrity and by becoming congruent in your words and actions to yourself and other people. If there are failures, you take responsibility for them rather then blaming others and becoming a victim. You become aware that every choice you make is an opportunity to empower or disempower yourself. This is why you need to build a strong interior so you don’t betray yourself. Otherwise difficult life decisions will become a power struggle between your head and heart.

Goddess Power is Empowerment (internal power united with external power)

Empowerment represents mastery of your emotions and thoughts in response to the outer world and gives you direct access to your own personal authority. By building a strong interior you shatter the illusion of the outer world having control of your life. A strong interior gives you the authority, stability and stamina to withstand anything that happens to you in your external life no matter how difficult and the wisdom to make choices in service to love that become creative acts of outer power that benefit everyone.

Integrating the archetypal power of the Goddess gives you the ability to stay in the sea of unknowing while knowing you are not lost. She puts you in direct relationship with your own body and other human beings in an intimate and manageable format. Over time your inner vision and awareness grows to include the profound sense of divine essence in all beings and the cosmos.

Tasks to Developing and Integrating Goddess Power

-Learn to see behind your eyes through acquiring self-knowledge. Regularly reflect on your own behaviors and ways of relating to others and your environment

-Be in touch with your own body, imagery and truth through the non-linear intelligence of your intuitive guidance system – the wisdom of your heart

-Learn to see the big picture by putting together the parts to make a whole

-Recognize the mutual interdependence and inter-connectedness of all things for survival, well-being and evolutionary vibrancy

ABOUT AUTHOR AND ARTIST PAMELA WELLS Pamela Wells has been working as a fine artist, commercial illustrator and graphic web designer for over 20 years and specializes in creative work that leads to greater understanding and awareness. Her goddess art incorporates her interest in the study of transpersonal psychology, integral transformative spiritual practice and the evolution of human consciousness. She cares deeply about both men and women and also about the ecological preservation of the planet which benefits all living things. To order a copy of Pamela’s most recent book and card set, Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess,

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The Divine Feminine Way – Awakening to the Beneficial Wholeness of Whole Brain Thinking

With greater understanding of the differences between right and left brain thinking and appreciation of what the divine feminine values, we have the opportunity to return to the beneficial wholeness of both the masculine (ascending) and feminine (descending) aspects of God united in oneness.

With greater understanding of the differences between right and left brain thinking and appreciation of what the divine feminine values, we have the opportunity to return to the beneficial wholeness of both the masculine (ascending) and feminine (descending) aspects of God united in oneness.

For thousands of years we have looked out to the heavens or inside ourselves to contemplate God’s nature. In the process of seeking into a vast emptiness we have forgotten about the sacred power of the present moment which is creatively happening through us and in the world around us. It is time for us all to move beyond culture’s left brain focus on a disembodied and transcendent God, a focus which has split apart spirit and matter (mother). It is time to bring God back the fullness of all that exists.

In Western cultures women and men are taught to live in their minds (left brain) and to doubt their own intuitive and instinctive knowledge (right brain). By primarily valuing the left brain hemisphere, we become disconnected from our bodies and from nature and we limit our potential creativity and our intellectual flexibility to fully experience and understand our lives and the world.

Whole Brain Thinking – Honoring the Divine Feminine

How can we understand and experience the nature of God in her Divine Feminine aspects of fullness and love while still honoring her Divine Masculine aspects of emptiness and freedom? We can begin by becoming more consciously aware in daily life. Then, as we mature and evolve in skill and wisdom, we will learn to connect with the eternal, cosmic mind of God. Most will find that they have reversed this process because of our culture’s predominate focus on a distant God who dwells in Heaven. Either path still leads to the One so that the essential task is to combine and then integrate the two aspects of God to form one whole, non-dual perspective.

“When you seek to know God, you will know nothing and everything at the same time.”

What is Whole Braining Thinking?

Whole brain thinking is the ability to use both the left and the right brain adeptly. The corpus callosum facilitates this connection – a large band of neural fibers that connects the two cerebral hemispheres. This connecting band of tissue in women is thicker than in men, raising the question, “How is a woman’s way of experiencing God going to be influenced by this thicker bridge between the two hemispheres?” Because women have an enhanced ability to use both left and right brain hemispheres, women have the most to offer in healing the split between the masculine way of understanding God (emptiness and freedom) with the feminine way of understanding God (fullness, love and the present moment).

What is the Divine Feminine Way to God?

The feminine IS the core of creation that is LOVE. Creation, love and the Divine Feminine are one and the same. Every woman instinctively knows that she is at the center of this great creative mystery that is unfolding in the moment. The Divine Feminine aspects of God put us in touch with our own bodies, our own imagery and our own truth and in so doing we awaken to what is meaningful in our lives. She values all things as important to the health of the whole and recognizes our mutual connectedness. Her fearless embrace of feeling in the present moment can remind us of the incredible mystery and sacred power of life.

“Non-dual realization embraces both emptiness (masculine) and matter/form (feminine) aspects. “Being” and “becoming” are both parts of a non-dual, self realization.”

What Does the Divine Feminine Value?

The Divine Feminine values all matter – living beings and nonliving natural objects and also every part of all things – as important to the health of the whole. She recognizes our mutual interdependence and connectedness to all things for survival, well-being and evolutionary vibrancy. She places a great deal of significance on having good relationships based on mutual cooperation and she uses intuitive, instinctive knowledge.

Moving Into Whole Brain Thinking

When women and men remember what the Divine Feminine really values, we realize we must include all perspectives to gain an understanding of the wholeness and connectedness of life. To do so we must dive fearlessly into the mystery of the pain and suffering that is part of the great feminine initiation into the cycles of creation. We honor the Great Mother Goddess when we embrace life as it is. She embodies the wisdom of forgiveness and turns us to what is hidden in darkness to be reborn in a powerful new way. We can then focus on the present moment where anything is possible and no separation exists if we listen to and respond courageously to our intuitive wisdom.

With greater understanding of the differences between right and left brain thinking and appreciation of what the divine feminine values, we have the opportunity to return to the beneficial wholeness of both the masculine (ascending) and feminine (descending) aspects of God united in oneness.

“The only way to transform emptiness is to develop fully in the world of form. The transcendent and immanent worlds have to flavor each other in the vehicle you were born with.” – Ken Wilber

Integrating Divine Feminine and Masculine Principles Into Your Life

Reawakening to the divine feminine is a union of embodying her principles in our daily lives as well as intellectually integrating and including the bright light of masculine consciousness. We combine these two by:

1. Enjoying the world with our five senses while using our sixth sense – intuitive knowledge. Intuitive knowledge makes something known by focusing our attention on universal knowledge or collective consciousness.

2. Seeing the parts then integrating and combining them to form a whole. Western cultures teach the scientific method of separating the parts from the whole and calling them truth. As we broaden our knowledge, we learn that just because something looks true, doesn’t mean it’s the only truth or absolute truth.

3. Being and Becoming – learning to meditate, pray or contemplate while staying in present time, in our bodies, for our own needs as well as the moment’s.

4. Traveling deeply into space to experience emptiness, oneness and freedom and then returning and going deeply into the cycles and mystery of creation in order to become empowered and reborn in a new way. We can master ascending (masculine way to God) and descending (feminine way to God) at the same time.

Exercises for Becoming More Whole Brained

People use to say if you were logical, you were definitely left-brained, and if you were creative, you were definitely right-brained. This is no longer the case. New research indicates that there’s more flexibility in our brains and we can train our brains to become more organized, creative or better able to process all sorts of information. Knowing where our strengths and weaknesses are can help us strengthen the weaker hemisphere. Here are some ways to strengthen the left or right hemispheres:

Left Brain Exercises

1. Make lists – One method of getting into details is to outline what must be done. Bite sized chunks of daily tasks are an excellent way to engage the left hemisphere and also to overcome apparently impossible hurdles.

2. Pay attentions to details – The left hemisphere is about details and linear thinking. Notice the details in the surrounding environment and connect to what is happening through the power of observation.

3. Change your immediate environment – Changing surroundings is an opportunity to change thinking because the mind will not have its familiar environment to cue it into old habits. Create an environment that has beautiful, calming, and enjoyable details.

Right Brain Exercises

1. Keep the bigger picture in mind – Take time to become aware of the greater scheme of life and larger reoccurring patterns.

2. Creative visualization – Learn to quit the chatter in the mind and to allow the spatial, holistic and much more unconscious right brain do its work. Meditation and contemplative practices are useful techniques to quit the left brain.

3. Practice spatial rotation exercises – The right brain is involved in spatial tasks as well as holistic vision. Imagine objects rotating in space. Keep a clear image of the object while it is moving.

4. Learn to trust intuitive information – Allow the right brain the opportunity to function by reflecting on unique and creative thoughts. Honor the insights received through day dreams, visions and imaginings. Relax and enjoy their creative possibilities.


Pamela Wells has been working as a fine artist, commercial illustrator and graphic web designer for over 20 years and specializes in creative work that leads to greater understanding and awareness. Her goddess art incorporates her interest in the study of transpersonal psychology, integral transformative spiritual practice and the evolution of human consciousness. She cares deeply about both men and women and also about the ecological preservation of the planet which benefits all living things. To order a copy of Pamela’s most recent book and card set, Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess,

All articles may be republished or printed providing author credit (above) and a a link is provided back to the website