The Breast Massage Quicky ( and the abundant Benefits of Breast Massage

The abundant Benefits  of Breast Massage

There are SOOOO many benefits to massaging your own boobies!

So many that i would really recommend that you give them some attention EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Here are a few reasons why to include breast massage in your everyday self love routine;

  • Regular breast massage firms up the tissues in your breasts.
  • It keeps the energy flowing through, which keeps your breasts feeling ALIVE- and also really helps to prevent breast cancer .
  • When you feel connected to your breasts, you feel sexy and juicy and feminine.
  • Breast massage stimulates your endocrine glands and balances your hormones.
  • Regular breast massage is an effective preventive to PMS symptoms.
  • Breast massage actually activates a certain kind of awareness in your breasts! I swear my breasts have their own personality and love love love to get loved up!

As you can see from this video it is also SO simple and easy AND enjoyable! It is also GREAT to do this in a group of women.

I remember a 70 year old woman in one of my workshops giggling joyfully when she 'realised' that she CAN massage her own breasts- and even in a group of woman!! 

Go on sister, love your breasts, whatever they look like, They will thank you for it by becoming wise and perky:)

Enjoy sisters !!

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The Womb Anchor – 2 minute grounding practice for women

The Womb Anchor

To be tuned in and turned on means you have to be GROUNDED AND CONNECTED too. Without connection to the earth, you are likely to be a bit all over the know what i mean.

I want to tell you something, which is actually incredibly important info for any woman. 

And that is , that your womb space can be your GO TO place for connection , to yourself , and to the earth.

Really, and that should be great news for you , because it means that you HAVE a GO TO ​place when you:

  • Are wobbling on your path and feeling off center
  • When you are anxious, tired and overwhelmed
  • When you are unsure of your place in the world and need a safe place to rest
  • When you feel unsupported

This WOMB Anchor practice is simple, you can learn the general process and then create your own version, you can do a quick version or a long version. You can do it anywhere..

It is one of my fav tools in my toolbox. And am so happy to be able to share this with you.

PS WARNING-Short instalments of grounding meditations like these are immensely powerful and might transform your life​

Enjoy sisters !!

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Sexual Pathways Activation Workshop- 30th June-Ubud-Bali

Women’s workshop with Sonja Shradha Devi


 We all have sexual energy ‘highways’ in our bodies….

And when energy flows freely through these highways

then this potent creative energy rejuvenates our whole being.

This workshop helps you to tune up your instrument

(your feminine body)

to be more receptive to this vibrant flowing sexual energy.

In this workshop you will learn

*Where these ‘highways’ run in your body

 *How to activate and open them.

*How you can clear blockages within these pathways so that energy can flow freely and harmoniously

 *How you can invite more awareness of energy into your sexual life.

I will also share about

 -How to transition from unconscious sex to sacred sexuality

– How to get out of your head in bed

– How to be orgasmic in your everyday life

Location-Penestanan Ubud- details will be given when you book in

Cost-500,000 IDR



The Yoni Squeeze ( and other ways to love your Yoni)

The Yoni Squeeze

( and other ways to love your Yoni)

Hey beautiful sisters

I hope you enjoy this little video on HOW to activate your Yoni, your sacred space, your divine vulva...

And please bear with me as i take a moment to remind you WHY you would do that...and also give you some other quick tips on how to activate and nourish your sexual organs as a daily practice.

The WHY....

  • When you squeeze you bring more blood flow, you bring more LIFE FORCE and awareness into your sexual organs.
  • With regular Yoni Squeezes, you activate your creative life force. You feel more alive, juicy, inspired and creative
  • You get out of your head, you get into your body, you feel more centred in yourself. More strongly connected to the earth, your deep desire , your inner compass. 
  • When you are squeezing your yoni , you are WAKING HER UP to more sensitivity.
  • You are exercising your pelvic floor muscles for sexual health and also to enhance your capacity for pleasure ( both giving and receiving it).
  • You also increase your capacity to circulate orgasmic energy around your body.
  • You are reminding yourself that you are a sexual being. You are activating that aspect of yourself; you are sensually empowering yourself.

Other ways to love your yoni

  • Dance and Squeeze-When you dance, squeeze as you dance, imagine you are sucking up earth energy into your pelvis as you dance..go on..try it :)
  • Play with your Egg- A Yoni Egg is a crystal or jade egg you place in your yoni, it massages you on the inside, you can squeeze around your egg to increase the massage.Find out more here
  • Butterfly pulses and big exhales-In the video i show you a slow squeeze, after a few of these, you can do some quick ones, like pulsing of your vagina muscles, like butterfly wings flickering..followed by a long exhale. Go on, try it now...
  • Yoni clearing breath- Yep , you store stuff in there..deep conscious  cleansing breaths can rid you of energetic debris that can accumulate in your sexual organs. This can be super powerful!!! I lead this in all my women workshops and offer this as a meditation in my Sacred Sensual Meditations. You can also just make up your own version of it , and do it when ever you need 'a clearing'. 

Enjoy sisters !!

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How to be in your power as a woman AND be open to LOVE

Insights for women on how to find that sweet balance between being strong, vulnerable and open.

Do you know how it feels to be playful and open, and ALSO centered and connected?

This fusion of softness and inner strength is an important key to feeling fulfilled as a woman, and if we bring these qualities into our relationships they tend to be nourishing and empowering and fulfilling.

From working with SO many women I have noticed 2 kinds of patterns.

The first I would call ‘un- boundary-ed women’. These are basically women with undefined boundaries, women who find it difficult to say no and tend to ‘lose themselves’ in relationships. These women are ‘too open’ in a way that leaves them disconnected from their inner source of wisdom and strength.

This is one extreme. Where openness is not accompanied by firm inner roots connecting us to our self worth, our own needs and our unique voice.

Then there are the women with what I call ‘strong women syndrome’.

These women are disconnected from their feminine qualities in a way that hardens them and prevents them from being able to give and RECEIVE love freely and truly relax and let go of control in everyday life.

Both of these patterns can block us from living in our power and creating healthy empowering relationships.

Do you relate to this?

Like many women I suffered what I call ‘ strong woman syndrome’. Through necessity I learnt to look after myself and cope in many different challenging circumstances. The connection to my inner ‘warrioress’ helped me to create healthy boundaries and own my worth and speak my truth with confidence. But the journey has not stopped there…

Because I, like most women, yearn for intimacy….

I do not want to be so strong and self sufficient that I am guarded against receiving love….

I want to be acknowledged as a beautiful woman, to be seen and celebrated by the masculine and to receive appreciation, affirmation and love, not from neediness or disempowerment, but from a place of deep self love.

And i want to ‘get out of my head’ and feel deep pleasure, blissful union and surrender…daily….

Not only that, but I do not want to ‘lose myself’ and my connection to my own power in the process….

Are you with me?


So how do we find this delicate balance between the strong and the open receptive parts of us?

And allow both aspects to support us in living as confident and connected women?

and to experience next level love?

The following points are playful suggestions and guidance for your own exploration of fusing softness and strength in your life and your relationships.

1.Explore how you feel, constantly!

No matter which side of the scale you veer towards, self knowledge is always your super power, to notice when you are feeling tense, and/or to notice when you are losing connection to your center…this clarity of awareness is the most important information you can have. Once you are aware of the patterns that tend to play out in you, this gives you the opportunity to redress the imbalances as they arise.

Have regular check in’s with yourself, especially when you are in situations where you tend to fall into old patterns of doing things. For instance, when with a friend who you always end up saying yes to when you really mean no. Or when you begin to get tense and defensive when you feel upset.

Notice your fallback behavior.

Notice how it feels to be shut down, tense or disconnected from your centre, noticing is the first step.

2. Sign .soften and surrender

When you notice yourself getting hardened, or notice that you are tuning out and becoming ungrounded, take a big breath into your belly, let out a juicy sigh, come back into a connection with the sensations in your body RIGHT NOW.

Your body never lies!!

It is your ultimate reference point, when in doubt, breathe into your belly, connect to your soft feminine power through a nice long deep effortless breath, then another, then another..

Allow yourself to relax into your own self.

3. Ask for what you need to go deeper

Get used to asking yourself the following question..

What do I really need right now???

Perhaps you want to feel more relaxed and supported, or maybe you need a sense of feeling centered and grounded. Perhaps you would like to be held, perhaps you need to let go of your ‘to do’ list and go for a walk.

Or..perhaps you need to RECEIVE.

Get good at asking others for what you REALLY need too could ask someone in your life if they could stroke your face, or have a cup of tea with you, or make love to you.

You are a woman; one of your ‘jobs’ is to receive, either from yourself, or someone else.


Be sure to balance the giving and receiving in your life so that you KNOW how it is to RECEIVE in a way that is empowering, nourishing and fulfilling. Be creative in designing the experience of woman hood you deeply desire.

4. Notice which patterns and beliefs you inherited.

Was your mother a push over or a control freak? It can be super helpful to reflect on how you have been influenced by the messages you received from your early life. I would suggest that perhaps if your mother had the habit of dominating, that it is part of your work in this life to learn to be soft and receptive, and if your mother was a push over that part of your work in this life is to own your worth, know your boundaries and claim relationships which honor both.

Rather than feeling helpless about your inherited patterns and the ways that you have been conditioned see what you were given as an opportunity to find a more balanced manifestation of woman.

I hope these words were helpful, I have found all these principles to be extremely helpful in taking me beyond my own patterns and into a more free flowing and enjoyable way of living and giving and receiving and BEING a woman.

This has helped me to experience a quality of intimacy in ALL of my relationship which nourishes me and reminds me how wonderful it is to be a open, integrated woman, connected to my OWN power.

And my wish is that all women are able to experience this!



How womens workshops can connect you to your feminine power


I have been lucky enough to facilitate womens workshops all over the world. And have witnessed profound transformations.

I am witnessing women collectively waking up to their feminine power as well as the power of sisterhood.

So why are womens workshops so powerful? and why are more and more women finding themselves drawn to them?

shakti activation

First of all , this is the situation for most women ….

Mainstream education, and even much modern yoga training has failed to offer us the all-important guidance that we need to tap into the mystery and power within our feminine bodies.

Without the support, guidance and the space to nurture this inner connection so many women report that they experience a profound disconnect from their feminine power.

How do you know if you have lost connection to your feminine power??

*If your attention is continually directed to the critical voice in your head

*If your time and energy is consumed in behaviours ,habits and relationships that are not nourishing

*If you give your power away through looking to others for approval or to fulfill your needs

* if you apologise for who you are and shame your body

*if you are numb , stuck and constantly tired.

What i am witnessing is that women are realising that there must be something more than this kind of reality, where we judge ourselves, we judge our bodies and we judge each other.

We are collectively waking up to our deep desire to be feminine

We want to FEEL feminine AND we want to feel empowered,

We want to feel free AND we want to feel safe to be truly ourselves.

We want to feel met, and expressed and sexually vibrant.

In other words , we want to be in our feminine power.

And we want to be supported by our sisters as we go.

So how do we reconnect to our feminine power?

Through working with hundreds of women,and through engaging passionately with my own life long study of feminine power. I would suggest that our feminine power is activated when we activate the feminine life force energy in our bodies- our ‘Shakti’.

Shakti is an ancient sanskrit word for the feminine principle, it is feminine energy, it is also translated as power.

As women we are embodiments of Shakti, our Shakti is our power. Due to a culture that has trained us to be stuck in our heads, most of us have lost connection to this primal feminine power within us.


Obviously it is time to re embrace, redefine and remember.

Hence the surge of Sacred Feminine workshops, retreats and womens circles..

We are remembering !!!

And we are finding that we have to do it together.

I have held Shakti Activation workshops and rituals all over the world and i have been blown away by the transformations i have witnessed. 


 So what do women get to experience in womens workshops

*Parts of us that have become deadened/blocked/ignored/wounded can be healed , with love. in this process the energy that has often become dormant inside of us wakes up.

 *We learn practices that awaken us to life force, to aliveness, to sensation, to feeling…to the power and passion and presence of woman.

*In the collective field of sisters our Shakti begins to flow, it nourishes us from the inside. it makes us shine, it connects us to our purpose, our passion, our natural sexual expression.

*We remember how it is to FLOW and TRUST and feel safe to feel sensual and sexual.

 This is often experienced as a ‘a-HA!’ in the entire being, it is a coming home, it is a wake up call, it is a blessing, it is a deep and sweet OH YES!


 Women have ALWAYS gathered to sing, dance and pray together….

For good reason, together we are powerful. Sisterhood and our sensual feminine wisdom that we have been hungering for.


Here are 3 reasons why womens workshops connect you to your feminine power..


1. We reconnect to our power centres

The power centres within the female energetic anatomy are doorways to activation of the whole body and mind and spirit. The heart, the belly center, the third eye and the womb space can all be portals to awakening.

In my workshops we use the super simple tantric tools of breath, sound and movement to activate the power centers back to their natural free flowing state.

Then these power centers literally breathe us back into an experience of feeling juicy, connected, grounded and vibrant.

 This is a simple process that gets turbo boosted as part of a collective exercise, a group of women practicing this together creates an incredible activation to everyone in the circle.



2.We free ourselves from our baggage from the past

I am going to have to have to highlight this next bit…


Did you get that?

All wise cultures provide spaces for collective out pouring of emotions, simply because this makes for a healthy culture.

It is hard to ‘go it alone’ and it is potentially dangerous to simply ignore the pain that we hold deep inside from past experiences. Our deep pain does not go away by itself; instead it eats away at our vital energy and prevents us from living fully ( it de-activates us….).

Sacred Space offers us the opportunity to express and release unprocessed emotional material in a safely held supportive space where this energy can be transformed.

Through releasing the stuck emotions we hold within we quite literally let go of the past, this in itself liberates so much energy., it awakens our Shakti .

Through emptying out we get a fresh start!


3.We create a personal relationship to the divine

I have found that for many women a personal relationship with the divine is most easily accessed through a intentional connection to the mother of everything( aka MA or the goddess) rather than an impersonal god.

Why is it important to have a personal connection to the divine?

It comes down to the power of attention, when we direct our attention to that which is so much greater than our logical minds we become open to receive guidance and inspiration from that which is so much bigger and greater than our small selves.

Through activating our relationship to the Divine we become receptive and available to experience this life as sacred, to experience ourselves as sacred and our bodies as sacred temples.

Rather than worshiping an image of god that feels foreign to us, we can find a way of relating to the divine that is personal, real and meaningful and rich to us. Our relationship can be devotional , sexy, whatever opens us, whatever sings to us, whatever brings us back into deeper connection,

Womens workshops give you the time and space to explore this for yourself . To create inner foundations that sustain you in your everyday life and nourish all your relationships.

A personal connection to the sacred offers us  physical remembrance of deep support and belonging. It allows us to let go and flow and receive. An experience that every woman truly yearns for, whether she realizes it or not.

You are not here to ‘cope’ you are here to live fully; you are here to shine your light and experience profound love and a life infused with deep meaning.

This involves connecting to your Shakti, your feminine power.

 20-2If you have not experienced a transformative womens workshop I really encourage you to come to one of my workshops or to one of the other teachers holding Sacred Feminine workshops with authenticity and integrity.

Find out about Upcoming workshops and retreats HERE

Find out more about the Wild Sacred Feminine workshop or retreats




Celebrate Shakti-12th-14th August-Glastonbury-UK-2016


A Sensually empowering Journey for women

@ the Goddess Hall Glastonbury

with Sonja Shradha Devi and Anjali Rahima 

Shakti is feminine life force energy, the energy that moves everything in creation. When this energy is moving freely through our bodies life is juicy, vibrant and rich with beauty and meaning.

celebrate shakti-a sacred sensual journey for women with anjali and shradha


Anjali and Shradha join forces once more for a Shakti-activating journey for women that will powerfully unite the power of the feminine heart with the primal wisdom of the womb.

We will gather in Sacred space to explore our feminine essence and celebrate Shakti with

Shakti dance, Tao Tantric Feminine Arts, Sacred Feminine ritual, Breathwork,  Womb Meditation and more.

This is a unique opportunity to take part in a powerful and nourishing workshop that will enhance your experience as a woman and give you many practices to work with in your daily life.

Timings-(these may be adjusted slightly)

Friday 7pm-9:30
Saturday 10am-5pm
Sunday 10am-12:30

Cost– 180 pounds- 120 pounds (sliding scale, pay as you can afford. If funds are limited and you feel strongly to attend please do contact us to see what we can arrange)

Numbers are limited so book now  to reserve your place

Contact Shradha Here or  Anjali for bookings –

Learning SURRENDER-4 Ways to learn to LET GO of control and re learn your feminine ability to surrend

The more I work with women, the more I witness the frustration that women feel when they are unable to relax, let go and TRUST, in other words SURRENDER

Learning surrender

On some level we know that part of being placed here in a feminine body is to be open and receptive to love, to not harden ourselves against the world and live with suspicion and fear.

Unfortunately the reality is that most of us women were conditioned to fear rather than trust, hold on rather than let go, dim our light rather than happily, confidently unashamedly beam it out into the world.

We hold this conditioning in our bodies, as rigidity, stiffness. The fearful voice, both conscious and unconscious, whispering to us messages like ‘ you are not good enough’ and ‘what will people think’ which causes us to shut down and close off.

Often there is an underlying (and usually unexplored) belief that it is not a safe world, it is not safe to shine our light, be sexy and confident and claim the love, the fullness, the depth, the magic.

Or perhaps we are disillusioned by life, by the pain we have felt, the pain we have witnessed, the pain we can feel deep down inside and are afraid to visit because we fear it will be too over whelming if we ‘go there’.

How do we break free of this need to control everything and the total exhaustion that comes with that?

I truly believe that surrender is an ability we can cultivate.

We learnt the patterns of fear and control, we can also un- learn and re-learn the capacity to surrender.

Here are some pointers to help you on your path of learning surrender.

1.Make a choice

What do you really want?

To go through life shut down?

Sure it might feel ‘safer’ but it also sucks. When you are shut down, you are not open to love, either from yourself or anyone else.It comes to a point where you have to decide that you would rather face your fears, rather than go through life hard and closed.

Are you willing to let go and meet the fears you have around that? Are you willing to trust yourself, and trust life?

Making this conscious choice to ALLOW life to touch you deeply, this is the first step.

2. Clear the basement

We all have emotional baggage, we are not alone in that one, and yet if we keep that locked up, then we will never break through to the other side. It can be scary to be vulnerable, so you probably will need some loving help along the way.

Seek out the support that can hold you as you officially ‘go there’ and meet your fears of rejection, abandonment etc. For example tantra workshops, coaches, healers etc Be discerning of course, very discerning, and also be OPEN to attracting the exact people, practices and experiences that you need to heal enough to develop a deeper trust of life.

Unless you ‘go there’ you will be carrying around that baggage on some level, preventing you from realizing your potential as a woman.

3. Develop your base level of surrender-re train your body

This is where feminine practices come in…these practices take your awareness out of your mind and back into your Wild Sacred Femininebody, the only place where surrender can be re-learned.

These practices help you to feel the more subtle layers of your experience, so instead of feeling fear and getting shut down by it, you can begin to experience fear as a kind of energy, an energy you can work with.

Feminine practices help you to remember your natural feminine ability to relax deeply.

They help you to develop a base level of relaxation that you can always return to, what I call your ‘ base level of surrender’. The more you cultivate that state of deep relaxation the more you will be able to trust the magic that happens when you feel relaxed and open.

Feminine practices also help you to tap into the wisdom and power in your vagina, your ovaries and breasts, and be nourished by this energy. Rather than going through life in a state of ‘coping’ you can tap into the potential you have as a woman to be radiant, fully alive and connected to the energy and the wisdom both within you and all around you.

4. Take it one loving moment at a time

Surrender is going to look different for everyone, honor your unique expression of surrender.

A surrendered you is a happy, loving and open you. Every breath is an opportunity for another small surrender, so just take it breath by breath, and enjoy the ride, the contractions and the expansions. It is all a part of your journey into a deeper relationship to you, and to life. And this leads to a deeper relationship with everyone in your life, especially your intimate partners.

If you do not know yet how it is to surrender to a man in a way that feels nourishing and empowering, you have something to look forward to. This is another beautiful aspect of the journey which usually only comes in a healthy way after doing the preliminary work with yourself.

In conclusion I would like to talk about surrender FEELS like; it might not be that same for you but hopefully this serves to inspire…

Surrender feels like a deep acceptance of who you are and your limitations, it feels like a warm soft belly that can breathe long and full of all the good things that life and love has to offer.

It feels like overflowing love, open, innocent, delighted, ecstatic.

And deeply Ok

It creates the kind of relaxation that reflects a sense of TRUST, in ourselves, in life.

It also feels like ‘fuck it’ I do not have to try and be anything, I am good as I am, I am worthy, I am strong enough to soften fully into this experience in the moment, this moment that life has designed for me. I trust the perfection of this and know that I am wise enough to choose to be in environments that nourish me, therefore I have nothing to fear, I trust myself and I know when to say NO and I am able to say YES too. I am open and permeable and I feel SAFE, and I check in moment by moment to see where I am at, I notice when I have tensed up and I take a nice long deep breath, I remember that I am safe, loved, held, supported and i come back to surrender.

I hope these words have served to inspire your own journey to experiencing the beauty of surrender.



Jade Egg Initiation-26th May-Ubud- Bali


Discover how you can cultivate your feminine radiance with the ancient practices of the jade egg

On this healing yoni journey we form a living mandala to embody our strong intention for our own healing and the healing for women everywhere.
We use simple but powerful Tao Tantric techniques to access and release negative imprinting in our sexual organs and create a nourishing and empowering relationship to our sexual energy.


This initiation ritual is appropriate for beginners and those already familiar with the jade egg. Shradha will hold this as a sacred ritual and shared meditation in a safe and supportive atmosphere with the intention for playful exploration and deep healing.

This is a potent practice to share as a sacred feminine ritual and you will go away with a jade egg practice that you can continue with at home.

Jade egg practice is a sacred meditation, a kind of sexual yoga that offers you a way to cultivate your sexual vitality and merge your sexual and spiritual life.

Find out more about the Jade Egg….here


Location-Ubud Bali- please contact for price and directions.

What do you need to bring? Sarong, natural massage oil, your jade egg if you have one.

Appropriate for any woman (if you have your moon blood you can still participate and learn the techniques without placing the jade egg inside.

Places are limited contact now to book your place

Facilitated by-

RED PRIESTESSSonja Shradha Devi is a modern day priestess, a devoted Yogini, a Women’s healer, Writer, Coach and teacher of Tao Tantra and Sacred Feminine Yoga.

She is totally passionate about empowering women to enjoy their bodies and embrace their feminine wisdom, power and sacred sensuality.

Jai ma!!

The Sacred Feminine… (I mean who the hell is she anyway?)

There is a lot of talk these days about the Sacred Feminine.

And it is my opinion this is a damn good thing, yes indeed, she does need to be brought to the table in our conversations, in our thoughts and actions, to dance floors and to bedrooms and community gatherings and, yes please!!! the halls of parliament….

But who, and what, exactly is she?


Well, where to start? Most of us have been raised in a world that values logic and reason and results that can be measured, ideally in a laboratory by men in white coats…
Well guess what! The Sacred Feminine cannot be accessed through any of these means.

She is a mystery, a mystery that lives though our bodies, a mystery that cannot be measured, verified or validated. She is so obvious that we could forget to honour her; we could get so stuck in our heads that we forget to feel her in us, as us, dancing into existence through us.

She is the most natural thing in the world.
Indeed She is nature itself.

She speaks to us in our natural urges to nourish, to be nourished, to feel, to connect, to love, to be loved. She shows her face sometimes as a ferocious love that will do anything required to protect what is most important to us, or as a wildness that lives to express itself through our feelings, yearnings, movements and emotions.

And sometimes she is felt as a knowing that defies logic but is undeniable, a knowing that churns in our bellies and rumbles in our wombs and informs us when we are doing something that is just oh so wrong for us; or a glow that shines from within when we are walking the path of our deepest truth.

Yet none of this can be put under a microscope, or bottled, or sold or scientifically validated or categorized…..

But does that mean that SHE does not exist?

What many women are finding, in the playgrounds of their own bodies, in the deep intimacy of solo and shared lovemaking, in the wildness and intensity of their authentic emotional experience and in the increasingly popular Sacred Feminine circles where women come together to explore, embody and celebrate the Sacred Feminine within them…

What they are finding is that the Sacred Feminine is very much alive and well, in fact it kind of feels like she is waking up, stirring from a deep slumber, stretching her limbs, shaking us up and beckoning us to hurry up and get out of our heads and listen!

She is asking us to hurry up and do less and feel more and trust ourselves and trust her.

And so despite the completely illogical lunacy of it all (luna-moon-take note) getting a sense of the Sacred Feminine is surprisingly simple.

Our quest to know HER is all about listening.

To find her we need only to sink deeply into the wisdom of our own bodies, we get to know her intimately when we allow and embody our natural feminine qualities of receptivity, authenticity and compassion.

Quite simply our ability to know what the hell the sacred feminine is rests purely in our ability to feel her and become a vessel for her expression.

And this comes with a warning label; for when you let her in, nothing will ever be the same again….

Amongst other mysterious phenomena, life will never again be boring, sex will never be 2 dimensional, emotions will flow majestically and you will forget to apologize for who you are…. your emotional energy will be become a strong power that activates and clarifies, you will not dance in a conventionally sanctioned manner; it will be wild it will be delicious and the dance will come from deep within, people will notice that you have ‘something about you’. In your daily life you will know what to do from somewhere very much other than your head, you will feel unexplainably intimate with life, you will be filled with a love and wonder that rips you apart at the seams, and you will have signed up, better or for worse, for the adventure of your life….

And what do we do to receive this bounty? The following are points of guidance, they are signposts pointing the way to the living breathing undulating experience of the Sacred Feminine, to knowing her, feeling her, loving her, being her…. When you follow these guidelines all confusion drops away, she becomes closer and more real to you than anything else.

Feel free to interpret them as you wish, explore them in the living laboratory of your everyday life, add to them as you feel, and live them as you dare……

Be open and available to what you feel in your body right now.

Explore yourself, relentlessly and enthusiastically,

Allow the energy of life to flow through you in unexpected ways,

Receive love and let it touch every single part of you, deeply,

Give love, let it spill out uncensored and feed everything, including you, 

Be yourself, even when you would rather present a more ‘pleasing’ picture,

Shine that incredible light that comes from very deep within, even when it feels hard to own,

Own your shadows too; those icky bits of you of which you are deeply ashamed; (bring them to the table too….)

Honour and express your needs, keep on determining what they are,

Connect to your wild nature,

Follow your heart out of the comfort zone and beyond,

Make the most of your capacity for pleasure, own it, explore it, grow it and honour it as a gift from HER,

Inquire into what leaks your energy, and find another way,

Nurture yourself and the life around you, meeting both as sacred and precious,

Embody tenderness,

Trust the intelligence of the body, and as the beautiful American poetess Mary Oliver suggests in her exquisite poem”Allow the soft animal of your body to love what it loves…,”

Be both patient and persistent,

Allow life to teach you in both painful and pleasurable ways,

Invoke your authentic voice and give your greatest gifts, whatever that might look like for you,

Remain connected to both your inner world and present to the external reality,

Manifest beauty and harmony,

Invite in ease and flow,

Dance and sing your heart out, often

Honour divinity as a felt experience, unfolding moment by moment and steer clear of concepts about what spirituality ‘should’ look like,

Find the courage to be your totally imperfect self without shame,

Call up the devotion to ‘stay with it’ and keep opening,

Have the willingness to explore the rich terrain of the body and to surf the waves of the emotional tides,
Say yes to feeling lost and yes to the invitation to come back home.

The Sacred Feminine is there for you, in you, here are the questions she is asking you;

Are you accepting the invitation to feel?
Are you saying ‘fuck it’ and diving in anyway?
Are you getting drenched in the beauty of your being?
Are you doing what you want to do or what you think you should do?
Is your life a divine dance with the beloved?

With this recent surge in Sacred Feminine hype comes the potential for a vast array of bullshit, projections and misconceptions.
If you have developed a concept about what the Sacred Feminine is that makes you feel like you are somehow separate from ‘it’. If you think that you need to do something, or be something, to experience or earn ‘it’.
Then please throw that out and go back to square one.

Square one is-How do you feel, in your body, right now?

This is radical, this is beautiful, this is surprisingly challenging…yet it gets easier and yummier the more we give it a go.

We need to give it a go. Life on earth depends on it, and it would be a bleak place to be without the juiciness of the feminine. As woman ( and men!) we have a job to do, a joyful job, a labour of love, a path to dance on, a mystery to embody and unravel.

Act now and heed HER whispers,

One moment of felt truth at a time….



Easter and the New Year

And the children of the earth cried: lift up your voices in song and laughter, for the Princess of the World was dead and is alive again, was broken and is whole; and there is no place whereto Her joyous rule does not extend. Give praise to the Mother of All Things and praise to Her Daughter. Rejoice, for the world is renewed. Happy Easter! Happy New Year! Read about the High Feast of Easter

Easter and the New Year

And the children of the earth cried: lift up your voices in song and laughter, for the Princess of the World was dead and is alive again, was broken and is whole; and there is no place whereto Her joyous rule does not extend. Give praise to the Mother of All Things and praise to Her Daughter. Rejoice, for the world is renewed. Happy Easter! Happy New Year! Read about the High Feast of Easter

Feminine Yoga and Tantra- 1 day workshop- Bristol- 20th August-2016

Learn Tantric and Yogic Feminine Practices

to connect to your Feminine power and Radiance

with Sonja Shradha Devi

Sonja Shradha Devi- Bio pic

Feminine practices are practices which nourish our feminine energy and awaken our natural Feminine Radiance

The practices you will learn in this one day workshop are simple and enjoyable and help you to;

-Feel more fully alive and at home in yourself

-Move through what blocks you from truly accepting yourself and shining your light with confidence

.-Connect into your embodied truth and feminine power

-Invite in more sensuality and magic into your yoga practice, your relationships and your daily life.

This workshop is appropriate for women of all ages and levels of experience , it will be a gentle experiential journey including;

Feminine yoga- Sexual vitality Chi Gung- Tribal tantra Meditation-

Sacred Dance Ritual- Healing and Deep Rest

Sonja Shradha Devi is an experienced yoga and tantra facilitator who is based in Bali and holds sacred temple space for women all over the world. She is known for providing a loving supportive space for women to explore, heal and become truly radiant.


Where? Yoga Flow Bristol

When? 10:30 am to 5pm

How much? 85 pounds ( 75 early bird until 1 july)

Go HERE for bookings and/or further info 

And to practice at at home….see below…..

Wild Sacred Feminine workshops in the uk

Sonja Shradha Devi will be offering Wild Sacred Feminine workshops and one-to-one sessions from July to September 2016


Sensual Feminine Yoga and Dance,

Tao Tantric Arts and Ritual

Sexual Vitality Chi Gong,

    Womb meditation,

   Jade Egg and Yoni Healing


There will be workshops in London, Brighton/Lewes and Glastonbury. Dates and venues are yet to be finalised please contact if you  would like to be notified or if you would like to have a workshop in your area or you would like to book in a one-on-one session!


Kala, the Last Day

The last day of Moura, which is the last day of the year and the first day of the Easter festival, is known as Kala. This is also the name of that aspect of Werde associated with cutting the thread of being. It is the day when the Daughter passes through the seven gates of the Nether World and is slain by the Dark Queen. The following time is known as Hiatus, when all things are desolate. See this Easter hymn and the Marianna Maria chant. For more about this festival, which this year begins on March 18, read All About Easter.

Kala, the Last Day

The last day of Moura, which is the last day of the year and the first day of the Easter festival, is known as Kala. This is also the name of that aspect of Werde associated with cutting the thread of being. It is the day when the Daughter passes through the seven gates of the Nether World and is slain by the Dark Queen. The following time is known as Hiatus, when all things are desolate. See this Easter hymn and the Marianna Maria chant. For more about this festival, which this year begins on March 18, read All About Easter.

Feminine Rejuvenation Day-7th August 2016 @ The Red Yurt (Brighton area) UK

Come and be deeply nourished and learn techniques to help you live as a vibrant juicy woman


Shradha is happy to be back in the Uk to hold space for deep nourishment once again in 2016

To be at the Red Yurt in the company of woman is already a great gift and within this supportive container we will be learning skills to cultivate and nourish our vital energy and replenish our reserves in our daily lives.

The day we be held as a Sacred Feminine ritual with the intention of each woman receiving exactly what she needs.

Throughout the day we will explore different tools for feminine rejuvenation and empowerment. Including;

Taoist Sexual Vitality Practices, Feminine style Chi gung and Yoga as well as Womb Healing, Massage, Meditation and Ayurvedic wisdom for women.

Find out more about feminine rejuvenation….here


Location-The Red Yurt approx 45 mins from Brighton, this is a private location and you will receive the details upon booking in.

Cost-60 pounds and 50 concession

Places are limited Contact now to book in.

What do you need to bring? Any cushions, sheepies and shawls you need to be ultra comfy and also please bring a plate of veggie food to share for lunch.

Facilitated by-RED PRIESTESS

Sonja Shradha Devi is a modern day priestess, a devoted Yogini, a Women’s healer, Writer, Coach and teacher of Tao Tantra and Sacred Feminine Yoga.

She is totally passionate about empowering women to enjoy their bodies and embrace their feminine wisdom, power and sacred sensuality.

Jai ma!!

Sacred Succulence-Feminine Yoga and Tantra Retreat-Bali-April-2016

Join us for a deeply transformational journey into your feminine wisdom, power, sensuality and sexuality

12th of April – 14th April, 2016, Ubud Bali

Facilitated by Rachel Love and Sonja Shradha Devi

* Nourish yourself with Feminine Yoga, Dance, Pranayama, Tao Tantric Feminine arts for sexual vitality, Sound Healing & Sister circles.

* Release negative sexual conditioning & wounding held in your body to make way for a new experience of sacred relationship;

* Activate the energetic channels in your body and connect to your innate capacity to feel deep pleasure and your own beauty;

* Experience the sacred space of sisterhood and true meaning of yoga – union with your spirit – the part of you intimately connected to all of life.

The passionate and experienced priestesses and facilitators will hold an exquisite space for you to receive exactly what you need!

Rachel Love is here to serve by inspiring and empowering others to activate their full potential. Whether she is bringing people together in singing circles or women’s circles, she is devoted to awakening the wisdom of the heart through creating experiences to truly feel everything, the dark and the light – so that we may live authentically and passionately embodying the truth of who we all are – pure love. She lives in Bali, the land of her father’s ancestors where she co-founded an artist’s community and Soma café, which serves organic high vibe foods that are truly food as medicine.

Shradha Devi (aka Sonja) is a devoted Yogini, a Women’s healer, Writer, Coach and Sacred Feminine Yoga and Tao Tantra Teacher. She shares practical wisdom for juicy living in her blog, books, sessions, workshops and retreats and is passionate about walking her talk and inspiring radical self-love, sensual empowerment and radiant being for all women. She is based in the magical island of Bali and teaches Conscious Feminine Sensuality workshops internationally, in which she facilitates Sacred Temple space for women to embrace and utilize their deep feminine wisdom, sensuality and power.

This is a non residential retreat, with the option to have accommodation or to have your own accommodation and come for the daily sessions.

Please contact Shradha HERE for extra details and to book in!​

7 ways to help your feminine body to blossom

This is an article for every woman who yearns to live as her most radiant and deeply connected self.

As a teacher of Wild Sacred Feminine Arts and the proud resident of a womans body that yearns deeply for physical, tangible, embodied fulfilment… life has taken me on a little tour of the kinds of practices which facilitate the process of a woman’s body to blossom.

And before I hand you some little parcels of wisdom from my journey I would like to mention that as women we truly are like flowers, and we are designed to bloom as such, not just for a limited time, but in ever changing manifestations of our essential essence….Yes we grow and change constantly. But like the flowers that we are, if our roots are well tended and the conditions are good, then we will be all set for maximum bloom. I have found the following practices to be invaluable in nurturing the conditions that nurture our unique and radical blossoming as women.

1.Goddess temple time

Every juicy woman I know is dedicated to her goddess temple time and the self-honouring practices that she dives into at this time !!!

Feminine practices are practices which work with our feminine energy( our ‘Shakti’), activating it, building it, honouring it and channeling it.

Goddess Temple time is the time we create sacred space dedicated to US, to doing whatever we need to do to meet our own needs.

It is the time when we give our rich inner world the attention that it needs and allow the flow of energy within us to run free, replenishing us and cleansing us and preparing us to meet the world from a place of fullness.

2. Invite in your sexual self

One major difference between a standard yoga practice and this kind of juicy goddess temple time is that within Goddess Temple Space our sexuality and our emotional energy are welcomed and celebrated and explored and channelled .

To be a blossoming flower we need to spend some time in the mud; we need a time of the day where we can totally dive into and express our ‘negative’ emotions and allow space for the expression and healing of our sexuality. This time serves as rich fertilizer for the soil from which we can expand and blossom.

3. Full body prayer

Women’s bodies are incredible vehicles for prayer

-In other words, the feminine body has the potential to be a portal for radiance and aliveness that goes way beyond our personal selves.

When our body remembers that it is a part of the universe, connected to all the elements of the earth and the great love that pulses through all, then we blossom, pure and simple. It is not something we can understand.

This kind of prayer is not about making requests to a higher power it is about embodying the goddess within us.

It is about letting the breath take us out of our mind and into the deeper layers of our awareness.

Whatever ‘practice’ that you do, the big game changer comes when you let it take you out of your worries and fears and into your greatness. And then the radiance reflected in your body will reflect the expansive state you have opened yourself to.

3. Back bends

I do not mean back bends that you push yourself into; I am talking about the kinds of movements in which your whole body opens up to the sky, whilst staying strongly connected to the ground. When we physically open the space of our heart then something in us remembers to open wider, our breath deepens and we begin to feel hope and joy and desire to LOVE and be loved in our fullness, we connect to our open heart super power.

Heart opening movements accompanied by deep flowing breath as well as other techniques like the Taoist technique ‘The inner smile’, have the power to effect out physiology and, in turn, change our mood completely.

4.Breast massage

Our soft feminine bodies, what a wonder they are, so full of life and yummy tenderness, this is very much personified in our breasts. I highly recommend to give your breasts some touch every single day, whether you just place our hands there and rotate, or your take some time listening to the kind of touch your breasts are asking for…

The more activated your breasts are, the more your body will blossom, there are good hormonal reasons for this, but why not do some breast rotations now and notice how you feel afterwards.


The earth is the ultimate source of yummy nourishing feminine energy.

If you go a day without contact with her, your blossom will be less blossom-y for sure…you are a flower, make sure you touch the earth everyday and bathe in her waters as regularly as you can. Consciously ‘fill up’ from HER incredible spring of aliveness, the Tao Tantric Arts are full of practices that allow us to connect to and refill form the natural elements. As someone who has the pleasure to share these practices I find that most women find them feel deeply wonderful and so natural.

6.Jade egg Practices

Your vagina is connected to your brain, it is also connected to your over-all sense of well-being

Whether you are sexually active with a partner or not, the jade egg helps you to awaken the different areas inside of your vagina this awakening dormant energy and charging up your essential energy in the process.

You can insert your jade egg during your goddess temple time to uplevel the whole process and bring more awareness into your sexual organs, as you will see, this brings more energy into everything that you do.

7.Honouring touch

Just like a flower, the feminine body is also here to be adored and what better way to do this than though soft caresses! Touch yourself with honour and invite others to do so also, this does not have to be sexual.

Touch can be a kind of prayer, a deep appreciation.

The body responds to loving touch by softening and opening and in turn our radiance shines forth from this deeply surrendered state.

So..dear beautiful flower you..i hope that you hope this article has helped you to become more excited about the incredible potential of your feminine body and empowered you to explore this yourself.

There is so much beauty to experience both within our pain and our joy and to become a open channel for life force is not only a service to ourselves but also to the world…

So BE the flower that you are , and be DEDICATED to creating the conditions to nurture this, to nurture YOU and the blossoming of your OWN UNIQUE FRAGRANCE.

The world needs YOU to be your most shiny self loving self !!!!​



About Moura

At Luciad, the Daughter vows to take the Divine Light into the darkest places of existence. During Moura, She journeys to the heart of the Nether World. For Filianists, it is a time of discipline and purification, being mindful of the Daughter's purpose and preparing for the renewal of the world at the New Year. Continue reading "All about Moura"

About Moura

At Luciad, the Daughter vows to take the Divine Light into the darkest places of existence. During Moura, She journeys to the heart of the Nether World. For Filianists, it is a time of discipline and purification, being mindful of the Daughter's purpose and preparing for the renewal of the world at the New Year. Continue reading "All about Moura"

How to move out of your comfort Zone….the feminine way..

We were not designed to settle with a life that is ‘just ok’, we are here to experience our own version of YES!

If we are really honest with ourselves we can see that we are at our happiest when we are stretching beyond who we thought we were and into a larger, more expansive, creative, confident and juicy version of ourselves..


But does that mean we need to drag ourselves, kicking and screaming in the direction of growth?? Does that mean we should be bullying ourselves out of our comfort zone and beyond?

Or is there another way to do it? a kinder way to do it?

I feel quite privileged to be a professional hand holder ( aka a coach) for women who want to step out of the comfort zone (which they have begun to notice is actually quite uncomfortable indeed.) And I have found that NO we do NOT need to bully ourselves out of our comfort zones, but that often the best approach to making profound shifts and life changes is to get out of our comfort zone in what I call ‘ the feminine way’.

What do I mean by feminine? i mean the more YIN way…

‘Feminine’ as in flowing, receptive, not pushing, not striving, not should-ing…

It is a way of engaging with our fears with sensitivity.

It is a way to move out of our comfort zones whilst feeling safe, connected and grounded.

(Basically, It is a way to grow and expand that honors the little one inside of us who is totally shit- scared.)

A small note about the masculine approach (which often fails to address the little ones needs)

First of all..there is nothing ‘wrong’ with a a more masculine ‘yang’ approach. With this approach you PUSH your way out of your comfort zone, at certain times this may be the ‘kick up the arse’ you need. But…

If you bulldoze your way through your fear, you may well have to, at some point, backtrack and deal with the fallout (which sometimes shows up as actual trauma) that often comes as a result of not listening to those tender parts of us that need patience and love.

Here is my approach to getting out of the comfort zone WITH patience and love.

1. Get to know the scared little person

I notice that every time I am about to move out of my comfort zone, I freak out. I am sure I am not the only one..we all have our own version of the little scared person who lives inside of us.

I encourage you NOT to try and push ‘her’ out of the way. Instead, take the time to get to know her, intimately.

These are the kinds of questions you can ask your scared little self to get transformative insights.

  • What are you really afraid of?
  • What do you need right now?
  • What do you need to feel safe?

2. Make a deal with your little friend

Once you have made friends with the little scared one inside of you, you can begin to explore how you can best work together and make the journey out of the comfort zone ‘ok’ for every part of you.

Once you have formed this dialogue you will begin to see what her fears are, and most importantly, what her needs are, and you can make a deal…for example..

Maybe your little one will feel safe about letting go of your full time job if you let her know that you will line up some other kind of income first.

Perhaps she will feel ok about moving into relationship if you make the deal with her to keep connecting in with yourself, so as not to lose your self in the relationship.

Do you get the picture?

Parameters, boundaries and action plans all help the little one to feel do kind words of reassurance and a compassionate approach.

3. Giant leaps and baby steps.

Life will always move through periods of expansion and contraction. It is so natural whilst in a period of expansion out of your comfortable old shapes and patterns , for there to be a period of ‘OH FUCK!!!’ (ie:the freak out).

And you might as well accept that and work with that.

Sometimes its time for a great leap, sometimes it is more kind to take a baby step, sometimes you need to curl up and whimper for a while…and that should be totally allowed as long as you notice when it is the time to get up, brush yourself off and walk on, perhaps in baby steps..

4. Don’t try and do it all alone

I am someone who feels compelled to constantly move out of my comfort zone, just cause I know that that ultimately serves me. But I don’t try and do that without support. I KNOW that need hand holders and midwives to assist my great leaps, and baby steps out of the comfort zone.

Women need support, from other women

and if we don’t get it, we suffer, it truly is as simple as that. Don’t try and expand without support systems firmly in place, find your sisters, your midwives, your priestesses, without support you will become hardened.

Get Good at asking for help!!

(You want to stay soft and receptive as you grow, this only comes when you feel supported by your sisterhood)

Do this for your self, do this for your sisters, and if you do not have someone who you can cry on along the way, get one!

So… if you have been one of those women who bully themselves for not bring ‘good enough’ or tough enough or whatever enough then I am happy to say

YES !! You can work on your self with LOVE!!!!

Yes you CAN let go of the ‘should’.

You can be a brave warrioress, an empowered woman doing her thing in the world AND a crumbling wreck at moments. It really is ALL ok!!!!

I find that for most women, we thrive in a tender and yet uncompromising environment. And that when change evolves in fluid, responsive way, in alignment with our deep needs as women to feel safe, nurtured and connected to our natural feminine flow, then the transformation we experience is deep and long lasting.

And I will leave you with this reminder..

..the real reason we leave our comfort zones, is to enjoy a life which is more expansive and fulfilling…so remember to be EXCITED about the space beyond your comfort zone, and know every little baby step is a bold and wonderful movement to embodying your greatest truth.