Tamala and the Day of the Dead

The final festival before the Nativity season celebrates Death as perhaps the most mysterious of the Mysteries of Life. The image here represents Catrina, a central figure in the Mexican Day of the Dead festival. Though relatively recent in this elegant form, Catrina embodies a folk-tradition of the Aztec goddess Mictecacihuatl, Lady of the Dead, Keeper of the Bones. The festival is celebrated with altars to the honoured dead, with sugar skulls and crossed-bone buns, and with grave-visiting. Though the idea of death is very much to the forefront, it is far from a sombre festival and includes dressing-up and dancing. Read about the inner meaning of Tamala

The Three Fates and the Day of Werde

The Three Fates hold the threads of life and destiny. In the Greek tradition they are the Moirai: Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos. In the Scandinavian tradition they are the Norns: Urðr, Verðandi and Skuld. In Déanic religion, the three fates are considered to be a single Janya named Werde, who has three Persons: Maia, Werde and Kala. Maia is the Spinner, Werde the Weaver and Kala the Cutter. Three of the months of the Déanic Calendar are named for these Three Persons. The Day of Werde is celebrated as part of the Mysteries of Life season. Read more about the three manifestations of Werde.

Isis Magic Not Available on Amazon. But it IS Available from the Publisher

If you’ve been trying to purchase Isis Magic from Amazon and run up against the message that the book is unavailable, please purchase it from the publisher, Abiegnus House. We are currently having some issues with Amazon that may not be resolvable. (Amazon is engaging in some practices that seem to be designed to push out small publishers. Sigh.)

However, the book IS available from the publisher—and at the same price as it was on Amazon.

Just click on the book on the right and the link will take you to the publisher’s site where you can purchase the book.

Thank you and so sorry for the inconvenience.

Oh…and if you wouldn’t mind, would you please let your friends and folks in your social circles know that the book is still available from the publisher? Thank you so much!

By the way…if you’re in the Portland, Oregon area. I plan to do some Isis classes starting in March that will go until Fall Equinox. To be made available soon. So be thinking on that. I’ll let you all know when I’ve got the details worked out. This will be the first classes in quite a few years. I’m a bit nervous. And excited!

A priestess making offering; photo by Victor Keppler

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