Venus’s Sisters

Over 100 so-called “Venuses”, dating from 35,00 to 10,00 years ago, have been found all through Eurasia, from Spain to Siberia. They were carved in all the materials used at the time: stone, bone, clay, ivory and wood. They range from 4 – 25 cm (1.5 – 10′) in height. Like She of Willendorf, they generally portray an obese female form, such as would have been unusual in those lean times, with more emphasis placed on the torso (breasts, belly, bum and genitals) and thighs, and less on the head and limbs.

Name Age Country Material
35–40,000 Germany ivory
Galgenberg 30,000 Austria rock
27–31,000 Czech ceramic
Lespugue 24–26,000 France ivory
Willendorf 24–26,000 Austria limestone
Mal’ta 23,000 Russia ivory
Moravany 23,000 Slovakia ivory
Brassempouy 23,000 France ivory
Laussel 20,000 France limestone
Monruz 11,000 Switzerland jet

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